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Sep 18, 2017 10:52:20 AM by Sabrina Landry

The Benefits of working for a smaller company

When you’re looking to gain experience in your field, whether it’s as a sales associate or a marketing specialist, it’s easy to apply only to those businesses that focus solely on what you want to be doing. If your career goals are in marketing, you apply at a marketing firm. It makes sense. Smaller companies who don’t specialize in your particular niche get overlooked, their job descriptions unread because how would working for that HVAC company possibly help build your resume?


               If you do this, you’re doing it wrong.


Remember in school, when you were in science class and you thought, ‘Why do I need to know this,’ because you were sure you’d never use that information on mitosis again in your life? Don’t treat your career goals as though they have only one box that they can be pulled from. Sure, at a marketing firm they’ll have a nice big box where you can safely practice your skills alongside a bunch of other people who are doing exactly what you’re doing, and if you’re entry level, that can be very reassuring. But where is the challenge?

If you’re job searching, broaden your horizons, especially if you’re looking to build your skills. There will never be a better opportunity to learn than by entering into a work field that you are unfamiliar with. When the path isn’t laid out, and you need to find your own way, your skills will become multifaceted and extremely valuable.

How does working for that small HVAC company work for you? Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • You will be valued: Sure, a lot of companies can make this claim and have it be true. However, when you are working for a small HVAC company and you’re their sales and marketing person, each decision you make, and every step accomplished shines through you.
  • Every day will be a collaboration: With smaller companies, there is a greater need for team work and direct communication with those you work with. The strong team-oriented atmosphere will hone your interpersonal skills which are key in any field. The risk in this is your own accountability. The reward is the ability to see the fruits of your labor, daily.
  • Thinking outside the box will be the norm: Working for a marketing company as a marketing person often means that you are surrounded by like-minded people, and the problems you will face will have answers that have more than likely, been found before. Working for an HVAC company means that the problems that need to be solved will often be unique and the approach handled differently with each new experience.
  • You will have fresh perspective If you are bold enough to build your career in a smaller company where you are a member of a team but usually a department of one, when it comes time to consider other job options or growth, your story will be unique. You can tell your next job prospect all about that sales plan you developed, or the shift in social media that you single-handedly created.

There are a lot of great career opportunities for entry level and experienced professionals. If you’re job searching, and you haven’t considered a company outside of your immediate field, but think you might want to, we’re a great place to start!

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