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Download the High Velocity Product Guide

Trusted in more than 500,000 homes, the Unico System® fits into homes where conventional heating and cooling units can’t, providing your beautiful home with comfort and efficiency for years to come! Fill out the form below to download the guide.

You'll love the efficient comfort that high velocity provides. If any of the following sounds like your situation, then get the free guide to learn more:

  • You live in an older or historic home and would like to add air conditioning without ruining its aesthetics
  • Your home has little or no space available for the bulky ductwork of conventional A/C systems
  • You'd like to eliminate hot and cold spots throughout your home with an even temperature
  • You like the idea of having an HVAC system that is so quiet, you might forget that it's on.
  • You're looking for the ultimate in home comfort

Download the High Velocity Product Guide