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Schedule Your Air Conditioner Tune-Up.

Air Conditioner tune-ups save you money and ensure your family's comfort. 

Bucks County, Philadelphia air conditioner tune-upWhy should you have your air conditioning system checked?

Many are unaware that they should have their heating and air conditioning equipment cleaned annually. A tune-up and safety inspection is similar to changing the oil and filter in your car. Mechanical equipment requires many working parts in order to function properly. 

A clogged filter and dirty coils can cause the unit to fail during a heat wave when you need it the most. A preseason tune-up and safety inspection allows the equipment to run clean and efficiently and prevents a breakdown on a hot summer night. 

  • Prevent high energy bills
  • Catch minor problems before they turn into expensive repairs
  • Equipment will have a longer lifespan
  • Keep manufacture's warranties valid

If you cannot get a tune-up, make sure you replace the air filter regularly and pay attention to any strange noises or smells.