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Nov 27, 2013 9:29:06 AM by Ron Musser

New Thermostat Features Seem Endless

Nest Thermostat

A new programmable thermostat is a good way to help decrease your home’s overall energy usage. Manufacturers claim savings from 15 to up to 33 percent of your home’s energy usage. The new technologies out there offer a seemingly endless amount of features that can be overwhelming.

Features can include:

  • Temperature and humidity control for daily and seasonal schedules
  • One touch settings
  • Remote access via smart phone app and website
  • Five day weather forecasts including radar maps
  • Maintenance alerts for you and your dealer
  • Skins you can put over the thermostat frame to make it blend in with the room
  • Digital pictures you can use as screen savers
  • Integration with other home systems including security
  • Smart response settings
  • Auto scheduling

The one that you choose depends largely on how tech savvy you are, your lifestyle, what systems you have installed and what you are trying to accomplish. one thing for sure is that if used properly they definitely can help you curb those heating and cooling bills ad are a wise investment.

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