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Home fuel oil delivery for Lower Bucks County

Prepay Program

Lock in a Price With a Prepay Plan  


How it Works:
  • Choose how many gallons you would like to lock in based on what you expect your usage to be from September to April. , with a minimum of 500 gallons.
  • Based on the determined # of gallons and the lock-in price, we will calculate your one-time, up front payment.
  • We will monitor your oil usage and automatically deliver your oil when you need it, using the funds from your upfront payment. We will fill the tank with each delivery so that we can accurately measure when you need oil next.
  • If you end up using more oil in that timespan and run out of your credit, you can prepay for another X amount of gallons at the lock in price, or just get deliveries at the current street price.
Key Benefits:
  • Locked in price means you don't have to worry about unexpectedly high market prices. **If prices decrease, your price will still remain the same.**
  • Automatic delivery means you won't have to remember to monitor your oil or call in a delivery.
  • Up front payment means you won't have to worry about paying your bill on time.
  • Your credit doesn't expire! If you have a remaining credit come April, it won't expire -- we will keep the credit in your account for future deliveries.
  • No early termination fees.
**Please note that we are only able to offer the Prepay Program if a certain number of people are interested.**
**Please note that the lock-in price can not be combined with any discounts.**

Call ECI Comfort today at 215-245-3200.