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Case Studies

Feb 26, 2018 10:04:21 AM by Whitney Hoffman

ECI Saves Media, PA Homeowners $850 On Leaky Boiler Replacement

PROBLEM: Our customer had an eight year oil boiler, and another company was recommending replacement. The homeowner called ECI for a second opinion to make sure they wouldn't be unnecessarily spending extra money. 

SOLUTION: ECI contacted the company and we were able to replace the boiler under rebate warranty, as well as obtain an $850 rebate for the homeowner. We were able to do a complete replacement of the unit with a newer version rapidly and cost-effectively, saving them significant costs over recommendations from other companies.

ECI gives second opinion on leaky boiler in Media, PA

This charming home needed to replace a leaking cast-iron boiler.

Like many older homes in our area, this Media home, built in 1912, uses a boiler and radiator heat to keep the home warm. This homeowner had a relatively new boiler -- it was only eight years old -- and it was leaking from one of the cast-iron sections, something you don't expect in a relatively new system!

Initial Conversations

The homeowners had bought the charming Media house fairly recently, so they were surprised to discover that their boiler was already leaking. They called their home-heating oil supply company to come take a look at it and were recommended replacement. As you can see from the pictures below, while the outside of the boiler looked fine, the insides were a mess! We had previously worked with the homeowners to save them undue costs, so they decided to ask for a second opinion before taking on the big job -- and expense -- associated with replacing a boiler. 

Our homeowners had gotten to know and trust ECI because of the excellent service we provided in the past, and they knew we would go the extra mile for them. We knew they needed to be comfortable as soon as possible without breaking the bank.

 Media, PA home's boiler experiencing a leak in one of its cast-iron sectionsClose up of leak in one of the cast-iron sections of their current Burnham boiler.

When we came to inspect this boiler, we knew there were problems. There was a leak in one of the cast-iron sections, and we know this wasn't a typical situation from working regularly with Burnham boilers. We called the manufacturer and discovered that the unit was under a rebate warranty. If the homeowners had been the original purchasers of the unit, it would have been under full warranty, meaning free replacement. However, as second owners, they were still able to qualify for the $850 rebate warranty on the unit.

Oil heat is a great solution for your home

Oil heat and boiler systems are very popular as they deliver a warm heat throughout a home through radiators located in each room. An oil system requires an oil tank that provides fuel for the boiler, which converts water to steam that rises through the pipes to the radiators to heat a room. This contained system works well, and boilers typically last between 16 and 17 years, although some systems have been in operation for much longer than that! That's why at eight years, we knew something had gone wrong and it was necessary to contact the manufacturer.

The Install

When a boiler develops a leak, it tends to be from pressure issues, damaged seals, cracks in the body, or loose joints. Corrosion over time is the main cause of many boiler leaks; while there are times that it can be isolated to a valve or a single component, oftentimes we find that in older units corrosion is widespread, so the system can't be repaired economically and simply needs to be replaced. The cost to replace a boiler can be substantial and it can take a few days to a week to get one replaced, making it one of the more major home repairs out there.

For these homeowners, we were able to find a perfectly sized Burnham cast-iron boiler with domestic tankless coil, essentially a newer model of their existing unit. Even better, we were able to get it installed in the same week. Plus, this was one of the more affordable models. So the quick install time, less expensive model, and tax rebate made this replacement worth it. Having the benefit of the manufacturer's rebate warranty meant minimizing costs, something we know is important to every homeowner facing an HVAC problem in their home.

The homeowners came to ECI because of our expertise in many different types of HVAC systems and our reputation for excellence in providing updates to homes of all varieties and ages. Plus, they knew we were always looking for ways to deliver them the most value at the least cost, something everyone can appreciate.

Burnham boiler: the right tool for the job

ECI comfort installs new Burnham boiler warranty in Media, PA

Burnham boilers have efficiency ratings of up to 96% which makes them a great choice for many homeowners -- especially if it's a large, unexpected repair like this one. We also knew the manufacturer would stand behind its product and find a way to help out these homeowners, even more so because the previous unit hadn't performed as expected. That's one of the reasons we appreciate working with the company -- we know they care about their products and the homeowners who trust them.

Burnham boilers are known for their efficiency which is important for saving money on energy bills! Having an efficient system that's easy to have maintained by professionals is also a great investment for your home for the long term. The up-front costs with Burnham boilers are less than some other brands and models and taking a bite out of that unexpected replacement cost is really important.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the new Burnham unit is space efficient and the copper piping should help this unit last for years, providing reliable heat for the whole home. We were so happy to be able to replace the previous unit with an updated model which should perform much better for years to come.

Classic Home from 1912, Investing for the Future

We were so happy to be able to help our homeowners replace their old system with an updated boiler that should increase their comfort, but also save them money on energy bills. Knowing when a unit isn't performing as expected and advocating for our homeowners to make sure the company stands behind its equipment is an important part of our job here at ECI. We look at ourselves as not only service providers, but as partners with homeowners to make sure they have great equipment that performs well, year after year. 

Most importantly, a system like this one will add long-lasting value to their home. The warm, comfortable heat coupled with the efficiency of the new system will ensure our homeowners will be happy and warm all winter.

If you have an oil boiler that's having problems, give us a call at ECI Comfort. We'll make sure to check into any warranty coverage you might have and find ways to save you money while helping you to get the most efficient and effective heating system for your home.

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