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Where is the Unico System best suited and what are its benefits?
With high velocity air, will the system be noisy?
How many sizes of units do you have?
What condensing unit must be used with the Unico System?
How many BTUs are there per outlet?
What are the types of outlets, and where should they be placed?
What types and sizes of ductwork are there?
How long can my main plenum and supply runs be?
How do I balance the system?
Can I heat as well as cool with the Unico System?

Where is the Unico System best suited and what are its benefits?
The Unico System can be used to cool or heat homes or buildings that have no ductwork, inadequate ductwork, or little space; or in any application where superior indoor comfort is desired. The Unico System adapts perfectly to any type of residential setting such as homes, condominiums, or apartments. It also adapts to many commercial and industrial applications.
The Unico System operates like any other central air system, but with the following important differences and benefits:
  1. Air is distributed through small 2-inch (51mm) flexible ducts that fit almost anywhere.
  2. Aspirating the stagnant room air with small jets of air eliminates drafts and hot/cold spots.
  3. The ductwork is optimized for low noise – no more popping and banging of the duct.
  4. Increased moisture removal during cooling. Our coils are designed specifically to remove significantly more humidity for a drier home during cooling.
  5. Our heat pumps are truly warm air systems – no more “cold blow.” We deliver the air at substantially higher temperatures than a conventional system without the need for expensive add-on electric heat strips. 
  6. Minimal duct loss. The small ducts are factory insulated and easily sealed. With approximately 1/3 the surface area of a conventional system, duct losses are kept to a minimum when installation in an unconditioned space is unavoidable.
  7. Options. Unico, Inc. has the largest number of accessories and options of any high velocity system on the market.
With high velocity air, will the system be noisy?
Unico System is extremely quiet because of its special sound-absorbing insulation. We insulate our air handler and use vibration pads on the system to reduce vibration and add extra sound absorption. Special sound-attenuated supply ducts ensure quiet operation. In most cases, people don't even notice the system is running.

UnicoPeteWilliams01.jpgWatch Unico's resident trainer Pete Williams visually demonstrate how quiet their tubing is.

What size air handlers are available for the Unico System?
Currently there are 1-5 tons of nominal cooling & heating. See their specifications in the chart below:


Model Capacity (Tons) Capacity BTUs Dimensions
1218 1 to 1.5 12,000 - 18,000 38x20x12
2430 2 to 2.5 24,000 - 30,000 25x13.75x17.5
3036 2.5 to 3 30,000 - 36,000 30x13.75x17.5
3642 3 to 3.5 36,000 - 42,000 38x13.75x17.5
4860 4 to 5 48,000 - 60,000 38x13.75x17.5
What condensing unit must be used with the Unico System?
One of the best selling features of the Unico System is that it can be used with any condensing unit of proper capacity. There are hundreds of matches in the Unico directory. More than likely, you can use the condensing unit you are most familiar with. 
Unico also recently launched a new type of outdoor unit - the iSeries. This unit is incredibly efficient and has many features and benefits over traditional condensing units.
How many BTUs are there per outlet?
Each outlet is capable of delivering up to 40 CFM (19 L/s) with a capacity of 1900 Btu/hr (0.55 kW) cooling and 4000 Btu/hr (1.2kW) heating (with hot water). We recommend that a minimum of 6 outlets per nominal ton be installed. However, this will vary depending on the design of your system and your load requirements.
What are the types of outlets, and where should they be placed?
There are two types of outlets currently available: the round supply outlet (UPC-56B) and the slotted outlet (UPC-66/67). Ideally the outlets should be located in the ceiling 5-inches from the wall or corners. If conditions prohibit this, they can be placed in the floor or high sidewall. The round supply outlets are also supplied with an unfinished solid oak face that can be stained to match a wood floor.


What types and sizes of ductwork are there?
The system requires only two types of duct – the main plenum and the supply tubing. The supply tubing is a 2" or 2.5" inside diameter flexible duct, wrapped with fiberglass insulation and an outer reinforced aluminized mylar vapor-seal jacket. The main plenum is either a 7-inch (178 mm), 9-inch (229 mm), or 10-inch (254 mm) inside diameter duct, depending on the design and capacity of the system. In special cases, you can use a rectangular duct of equivalent size.


How long can my main plenum and supply runs be?
The main plenum should be run as far as possible to keep supply runs as short as possible. The supply runs may be virtually as long as you need for them to be. However, there will be reduced cooling capacity in long runs. 
How does the Unico System provide return air?
The Unico System's return duct is like a conventional system, only smaller because the system uses less air. A single or multiple return system can be used, depending on the project needs. It can also provide 100% outside air.
Can I heat as well as cool with the Unico System?
Yes, there are three ways to heat with our system:
  1. Hydronic (hot water) coil. Unico, Inc. has available hot water coils for use as auxiliary heat with the Unico System heat pump air handlers. The hot water coil can be used with a boiler, or even a domestic hot water heater if permitted by local codes.
  2. Add-on heat pump. The Unico System heat pump can be used as a between season heating system to knock off the chill in the spring and fall and avoid starting up the primary heating system.
  3. Electric duct heater. Unico, Inc. has available electric duct heaters that will match to the Unico System. 

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