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Case Studies

Apr 8, 2021 1:28:39 PM by Joe Berardi

South Philly Rowhome Beats the Heat with Mitsubishi Ductless AC

PROBLEM: This homeowner was tired of the summer heat taking over her home, but it was too much of a pain to continuously install window AC units every year. Not only was the installation process burdensome, but the inefficiency and "window-rattling" were becoming too much of a nuisance. Time for an upgrade!

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split system. This system doesn't require ductwork to add both air conditioning and supplemental heat, so it's a great way to solve heating and cooling problems in older homes that lack the extra space for ductwork. For South Philly rowhomes, ductless AC is the perfect match.

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Our client, Emily, was tired of the summer heat and ready to add a cooling system to her South Philly rowhome, except installing and using window units was no longer a comfortable option. But like most rowhome owners, Emily had had one major issue: lack of space. So Emily reached out to ECI Comfort with interest in adding a ductless mini-split system -- the perfect answer to a scorching hot rowhome in the summer. 

First Steps

In her initial email, Emily referred to the limited space her home had to offer. Adding ductwork and a conventional cooling system would result in tons of lost space, large soffits, and single-zone climate control. With Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Splits, there is little to no construction, no unsightly soffits, and zoned control. Did we mention they also provide supplemental heating?!

Knowing what she had in mind, we reached out to Emily to begin discussions around ductless mini-splits and what ECI Comfort could do for her home. We also made sure to show her some of our recent projects in South Philly homes to really explain the benefits that ductless offers. It was easy for Emily to see that these projects were just like hers, and give her an idea of ideal spots to put the AC units. 

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The Home

The home was beautiful -- Emily had mixed in her own style while still keeping its old-school charm. Complete with a rooftop deck and soon-to-be backyard garden, the only downside of the home seemed to be the lack of cool air. With traditional systems, these outdoor amenities would usually cause complications with fitting an outdoor unit; but with Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Splits, the outdoor heat pump is fairly low-profile. The flexibility of installation allows these units to be mounted on the wall, which saves outdoor space for anything from gardening to entertaining. And the minimal sound they make ensures that the system won't be a bother. 

The inside of the home consisted of an "open" first floor with a living room, dining room, and kitchen, and the second floor had two bedrooms and a bathroom. The second floor bedroom and office created two priority areas for providing Emily with maximum comfort. With the office containing a portion of an exterior wall on the back of the house, it was an easy spot for the addition of an indoor unit. The bedroom in the front of the row home would usually be a tricky spot, but not for ECI; with our experienced team, we were able to quickly find a solution.

For the first floor, only one indoor unit was needed to handle the cooling. Mixed with reduced humidity and cold-air drop from the second floor, comfort was finally in sight for the brutal summer to come! As an added bonus, we recommended the FH model indoor unit to Emily. These are great for larger open space, as they have the Mitsubishi 3D I-See Sensor. This scans the room and directs tempered air to warmer or colder spots, creating an even greater area of comfort. 

The Install

Jim and Tom from our install crew arrived early and got a rundown on where to start so that Emily could continue working from home throughout the project. In just three days, our crew was able to cleanly and efficiently install the new Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split system. 

Indoor unit in master bedroomWith the master bedroom exterior wall being on the front of the house, this was the trickiest area to find a spot for the unit. A creative solution here was to mount it above the closet. Inside the closet, the chimney for the boiler ran down through the first floor and into the basement. Jim and Tom were able to take the lines and drain into the closet and all the way down to the basement, keeping them tight to the existing chimney soffit.

Nothing could be better for a Philadelphia rowhome than an efficient, year-round comfort system. This ductless system will save the homeowner money, as well as increase the value of the home. So not only is ductless an immediate solution, but also a great long-term investment. 

Check out this awesome 5-Star review from our homeowners!

5 star customer review for ductless left by homeowner.

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