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Case Studies

Jun 24, 2022 1:43:40 PM by Lauren Mangano

ECI Upgrades Gas Boiler System That We Installed 22 Years Ago in Media, Pa

PROBLEM: ECI installed a Peerless boiler system 22 years ago for Mr. Moppert. While it functioned properly all those years, it was finally time for an upgrade. Mr. Moppert started hearing some loud sounds coming from the unit and gave ECI a call to get an up-to-date system. 

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed a Lochinvar Knight 95% gas-fired, hot-water heating boiler. This included a new Lochinvar indirect 80-gallon water heater and a new Lochinvar 30-gallon buffer tank. 


The Original Install in 2000

Back in 2000, Mr. Moppert called ECI Comfort to get a heating system installed in the beautiful home that he was building himself.

Throughout the past 22 years, Mr. Moppert experienced no issues with it and definitely saw the payback of an efficient unit. He stated that in the past year, he only used about 900 gallons of propane and spent about $1,400 to heat his entire 13,000 square foot home. For comparison, some oil-heated homes rack up over $5,000 in energy bills for a year.

To reiterate, that's less than one-third the amount of money spent to heat a home that's over three times the size of the average home. Talk about efficiency! This tank was still half full of propane at the end of the year.

Mr. Moppert also used ECI when he built his house 22 years ago and needed help heating his wooden staircase. It came early -- before he had adequate heat for the home -- and he was told that the wood could warp if it wasn't heated properly. He called Ron, and ECI came to hook up the foyer zone, even though the house was not even close to being finished. It worked as planned and kept the wood from warping until the house was fully built a couple of weeks later.

Both his old system and new system heat the pool, all gas appliances, six gas fireplaces, and more. If all of that could be adequately heated for 22 years, just imagine how the brand new system will perform!

The Upgrade

We knew that Mr. Moppert needed a system that provided the same energy efficiencies as his previous system. With this brand new Lochinvar 95% gas-fired hot water heating boiler, 80-gallon indirect water heater, and 30-gallon buffer tank, he will get all of that and more!

As each zone calls for heat, the computer in the boiler sends water through the tubes under the floor to the correct zone. As the zone is heating and the thermostat is satisfied, the water is pushed back through to the Lochinvar 30-gallon buffer tank so that if another zone kicks on, the computer says to use that same water instead of having the boiler fully fire up again. This saves energy and money by not having the boiler kick into full gear each time a room needs heat.

Not only this, but the boiler is also extremely quiet. "I've been talking and this boiler's been running. You don't hear it run, do you?" Mr. Moppert said in our interview with him.  "Really noisy, isn't it?" he joked. "You could put this in your bedroom and not even realize it's on."

He also appreciated how well the system and piping were assembled:

"Anyone that comes in this house for any kind of water service and sprinkler service -- when they walk through this mechanical room, [they ask] 'who did this?' because the craftmanship -- if you look at the way the plumbing is done...they're all straight and not going crooked...it's beautiful, it's a work of art. I'm a mechanic by trade, and when I see craftmanship like this I appreciate it immediately."

Moppert Piping

Final Thoughts

After following up with Mr. Moppert on how the installation went, he said: "It works great, I'm extremely happy, and Ron gave me a great price. He's trustworthy. I didn't even call for anybody else."

We are also extremely grateful to have a long-time customer who has trusted us to do two complex installations. Mr. Moppert left us with some final thoughts:

"I would highly recommend ECI and whatever they tell you, do. They've been in this business for a very long time. Very trustworthy, very straight-up bunch of guys. They are at the top of their game as far as the latest and the greatest in what you need to do to be totally satisfied."

We hope this new system lasts at least another 22 years and we thank the Moppert family for working with us.


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