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Case Studies

Oct 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Joe Berardi

High Velocity AC System in beach Haven, NJ

PROBLEM: Homeowners were looking to add cooled air to their new Summer home.

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed a zoned Unico High Velocity air conditioning system to cool the first and second floors. 

Back in 2014, these homeowners found a lovely two-story Summer home in Beach Haven, New Jersey. This older home needed a cooling system to keep comfortable in the hot and humid Summer weather. After seeing ECI trucks in the area, they decided it was time to give us a call. 

After touring the property and discussing options with the homeowner, they elected to go with a a zoned Unico High Velocity air conditioning system to separate the first and second floors. A Unico system uniquely features an air handler in the attic, with thin supply ducts branching off and into/through the walls. These feed into supply outlets, which send cold air into the room(s). These thin supply ducts feature noise-reducing properties that keep this system quiet while it runs. The photos below show the air handler and supply ducts in the attic, and some of the supply outlets in the main area of the second floor. 

ECI installs high velocity system in Beach Haven, NJ attic.

Ten high velocity units installed along the wall below the ceiling in living room.

This unit is supported by a single outdoor unit which, due to the uniqueness of this project, required to be mounted at a certain height due to flood restrictions. 

Outdoor unit mount installed outside Beach Haven home.

A final and important characteristic of a high velocity system is that it can be installed without altering the structure of the home. Unlike standard ductwork, this is installed with minimum construction and minimum invasion of all standing walls and ceilings!

This was a fun, unique, and exciting project for ECI, as we were able to orchestrate a plan to provide comfort to these homeowners in their new Summer home. 

If you are interested in learning more about how a Unico High Velocity system can make your home more comfortable, click the buttons below or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 for a free consultation! 

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