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Case Studies

Feb 27, 2024 10:37:39 AM by Logan Donahue

Throwback Thursday: Rockledge Home Upgrades High-Velocity System

PROBLEM: These homeowners had a Unico High Velocity system to heat and cool their home, but the evaporator coil had developed a leak causing the system to break down. It was old and out of warranty, so they needed to decide whether it was time to replace the system or undergo a costly repair.

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort added a new Unico high-velocity air handler with Unico's 15-year warranty, giving the owner's peace of mind and reliability for years to come. 

Rockledge home upgrading their high velocity heating and cooling system.

The owners of this single-family home in Rockledge, Pa. were not thrilled when they found a leak in their home coming from their high velocity AC system. Upon inspection, we also noticed some -- let’s say, questionable -- work by a previous contractor. So before the weather got too cold, our homeowners decided that between the improper installation and the newfound leak, it was time for a system replacement.

Repair or Replace? What's best for me? 

At ECI Comfort, we have ample experience with different HVAC systems, and the question to repair or replace comes up frequently. We know that each home and each customer has different needs, so we make sure to provide solutions that best solve each homeowners' specific problems. In this case, the age of the system plus the leak called for a full replacement, rather than a repair. 

Refrigerant leaks out of the coil, usually because the system wasn't installed properly. When leaks start, it often ends the same. The coil produces condensation, which corrodes the joints. 

These homeowners were worried that the age of the system would decrease reliability, and they didn't want to get into a cycle of constant repairs. That's why replacement made more sense financially. It would also give them peace of mind and ensure a more efficient system. Plus, the new system came with a full 15-year warranty from Unico so that in the case of other issues, they would be covered and gain a peace of mind.

A Guide to Repairing vs. Replacing Your HVAC System

Signs of a Prior Incorrect Installation

Incorrect Evaporator Coil

While evaluating our homeowner's Unico High Velocity System, we noticed that a previous contractor installed an evaporator coil that’s meant for a conventional system instead of one specially-made for high velocity. This kind of mistake definitely affected the system’s efficiency over time. 

Wrong evaporator coil for a Unico high velocity system in Rockledge, PA was installed, which is not recommended

Unfortunately, this is not unusual to see shortcuts like this. Sometimes, a contractor provides a lower quote than they should just to get the job, then they cut a corner like this so they can pull at least a small profit from it. That's why its always beneficial to get a free second opinion or another estimate. 

In this case, a  new conventional coil costs much less than one for a high-velocity system. A conventional AC coil holds out long enough for them to get the job done and get paid, but odds are these homeowners were left wondering why the system was louder and more costly than they expected. Check out the photo below. 

Previous contractor incorrectly installed a conventional condenser coil on a high velocity system, making the homeowners pay more money monthly.

With a new system by ECI, they will be pleasantly surprised by how much more they’ll save with one that’s installed properly. It will likely be quieter, too. 

Read a similar case study where we re-installed an improperly installed Unico system: 

High Velocity System Replacement in Yardley Pa


Installing a New Unico High-Velocity System

Unico high velocity systems are well-known for their reliability and quality. They are energy-efficient and quiet and can be a great solution in older homes that weren't built with central air. 

Unico systems installed by ECI Comfort have extra insulation around the ductwork and returns to make sure the system is delivering the comfort you want without losing heating or cooling into the walls where it's not doing you any good! And for homeowners like these who already had a high velocity system, they did not need to run very much additional ductwork at all, saving them more money.


We were so happy to be able to ensure our homeowners a warm winter and cool summer while keeping costs down and providing the additional reliability and comfort they need for years to come.

If you are interested in exploring what a Unico high velocity system could do for your home, or if you have a system that needs maintenance or repair, give us a call here at ECI. We've got the experience and expertise you need to get the comfort you crave, while getting an efficient system that will save you money on energy bills at the same time!

ECI Comfort specializes in installing Unico High-Velocity heating and air conditioning. To learn more or schedule your free consultation, click below!

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