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The Power to
Live. Work. Play.

Portable generators are a welcome addition to many activities at home, at work, and away. In an emergency, portable generators can provide critical backup power. They make camping and tailgating more comfortable. And contractors appreciate the flexibility portable power brings to the jobsite. 
Generac RS Series
Startup with the turn of a dial

The PowerDial on the Generac RS Series streamlines the startup process by putting all the controls on one convenient dial that's easy and intuitive.
Generac GP Series
Versatile power for a variety of applications

When your needs run the gamut of portable power applications - emergency power one week, DIY projects the next - Generac's affordable GP Series portable generators are an excellent choice.


Generac XG Series
Premium features and performance

For premium quality power and feature-rich performance - at home or at the job site - Generac's XG Series will provide years of reliable portable power.

Generac XP Series
The workhouse in portable power

Contractors and construction workers know that Generac's rugged XP Series is designed with professional features and the durability needed to endure the rigors of the jobsite.

Generac IX Series
Designed for life on the road

Durable, lightweight, and compact with a built-in handle and clean, stable power, the iX Series from Generac brings portable power to camping, tailgating, and recreational use.

Generac LP Series
Fueled by clean-burning propane

Choose clean, reliable liquid propane (LP) fuel for your household portable power needs. Generac's LP Series features a smart design and the revolutionary Power Dial for easy operation. 



Safety Tips  

Portable generator Safety tips

Portable Generators are great for backup power, but can be dangerous is operated incorrectly
Carefully follow all instructions and warnings in order to safely start and operate your generator. Please, DO NOT cut corners when it comes to safety.


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