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Jun 28, 2023 12:21:49 PM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

5 Signs Your Generator Needs to Be Replaced

Having a reliable generator is crucial, especially during power outages or emergencies. A generator provides backup power for essential appliances such as air conditioning and heat, phone chargers, and refrigerators. Recognizing the signs that it's time to replace your generator can save you from unexpected breakdowns and potential inconvenience. In this blog, we'll discuss some key indicators that it may be time to consider investing in a new generator.

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Apr 6, 2023 12:55:31 PM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

Standby vs Portable Generators: Which One is Right For You?

Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. In households, generators keep necessary appliances running such as medical equipment, overhead lights, heat/air conditioning, and refrigerators. Generators are also good for the environment due to their lower carbon dioxide emissions. The two types of generators are portable and standby, whole-house generators. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to understand them before making a decision on which one to purchase. Let’s break down the two. 

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Sep 27, 2022 1:45:30 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Power Through Hurricane Season With a Backup Generator

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30. This year, forecasters called for an above-average hurricane season, making 2022 the seventh above-average season in a row. Hurricane Ian is currently hitting Florida, reminding all of us that it's always important to be prepared. While we can't control the weather, we can control how we get ready for it, and one of the best ways to stay safe in your home during a storm is by using a backup generator.

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Aug 30, 2021 4:22:45 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Hurricane Ida Leaves Over a Million Without Power, Emphasizing the Importance of Backup Generators

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods have caused major destruction across the United States this summer. Currently, over a million Louisiana citizens are without power after Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 29th. Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent a devastating natural disaster from occurring; but there are ways to prepare.

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Aug 26, 2021 11:14:59 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Angelo Cataldi Talks Generac Standby Generators with ECI Comfort in Chestnut Hill

Summer 2021 surely wasn't as crazy as summer 2020, but it was full of some devastating natural disasters across the country. Here in the Delaware Valley, we had our fair share of intense storms, damaging floods, and ensuing power outages. And while we can't stop Mother Nature from striking again, we can take the steps to prepare for the next blackout.

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Jul 29, 2021 4:12:36 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

7 Tips To Safely Use a Generator

Portable and permanent generators can provide lifesaving benefits when your home or business is faced with a power outage. They can power a wide range of critical electrical equipment including heating units, refrigerators, freezers, lighting, computers, and water pumps. However, generators also come with their own set of risks. In order to ensure safety for yourself, your family, and the people working to restore power in your area, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

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Jul 29, 2021 1:28:48 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

What to Expect From Your Free Generator Estimate

Most of us have experienced at least one power outage in our lives; if you haven't, consider yourself lucky! Power outages could last for just minutes, but could also last for days or weeks on end. So, why take the risk? If you want to be prepared for the next outage and ensure safety and comfort, schedule a free in-home estimate as soon as possible.

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Jul 23, 2021 12:34:10 PM by Lauren Mangano - 2 comments

How Does a Generac Generator Work? And Other FAQ's

Backup (also known as standby) generators are an excellent way to provide your home with reliable, uninterrupted power during a power outage. Founded in 1959, Generac is the number one manufacturer of home backup generators, providing customers with quality comfort and peace of mind during times of need. 

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Sep 3, 2015 12:14:18 PM by Dan Kelly - 5 comments

The Best Way to Safely Power a Home with a Portable Generator

Losing power at home is a total bummer -- there's never a convenient time to experience a blackout. Luckily, there is now a safe and affordable way to directly power your home with a portable generator so that you'll never have to deal with this major inconvenience again. And, you can watch an installation and how it all works in our video below.

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Oct 31, 2014 3:35:00 PM by Chase Musser - 0 comments

How to Prepare Your Home for a BACKUP Generator

Storms, heavy snows, winds, and accidents can cause a power outage; but that doesn't mean you're stranded in the dark until electricity is restored. A home backup generator can supply enough power to keep at least the necessities in working order until repairs are made in your area.

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