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Case Studies

Feb 26, 2018 3:29:45 PM by Lauren Mangano

Air Conditioning and More For The Second Floor in Bristol, PA

PROBLEM: Having recently moved into this home with no air conditioning, the homeowners were looking for an affordable way to cool the second floor's two bedrooms/600 square feet with no ductwork. 

SOLUTION: Our technicians installed a Mitsubishi air handler in the attic with short ducted runs to outlets in the bedrooms and bathrooms. And, as a bonus, the system provides supplemental heating.

ECI installs brand new Mitsubishi air handlers in Bristol, PA home with short duct runs to outlets throughout home.

These homeowners had recently moved into this older home on Fillmore Street in Bristol, Pa., walking distance from an award-winning Bristol Riverside Theatre and the retail corridor on Mill Street. The rooms on the second floor also provided a view of the Delaware River. 

The house lacked ductwork and the space that would be needed for a traditional air conditioning system. So, while the venerable home did have oil and radiators for heat, our clients were looking for the most economical and least intrusive way to cool the rooms on the second floor -- and enjoy the view outside without breaking a sweat!

Installing the System

It’s a common problem in homes like these -- hot air rises, making the second floor warmer than the first in the summer. On top of that, a sloped ceiling means more heat collecting upstairs, all while the sun beats down on the roof and brings even more heat in. 

The popular solution is a central cooling system; but in a house like this, we had to take another route.   

We did not want our homeowners to pay thousands and give up space in their home to install ductwork, and they did not want to use inefficient window AC units for air either. 

ECI Comfort installs Mitsubishi SEZ unit in Bristol home attic

So, our team of specialists designed a Mitsubishi ducted heat pump system to solve the homeowners' comfort issues. The Mitsubishi SEZ unit, or air handler, was installed in the home's attic. From there, we installed vents in the ceilings of the rooms that needed treatment. The upside is that those vents are much smaller than what people imagine when they think of AC or heating vents! 

And the air travels in smaller, more flexible ductwork than in traditional HVAC systems; so we ran it through the walls without taking up closet space or building out enclosures in the room to contain it.

Mitsubishi heat pump outside Bristol home.

As for the heat pump, that sits quietly outside. The heat pump is similar to a traditional AC condenser, except it's much smaller and quieter. 

Now, their Bristol Borough home is all set for the summer! The system offers quiet, energy-efficient cooling throughout the hot months.

But the benefits don’t stop when the temperature drops.


Mitsusbishi Hyper-Heat Handles Hot and Cold Weather

Our Bristol Borough homeowners opted for a Hyper-Heat mini split. This model offers heat as well as air conditioning, keeping the home comfortable all year long - and their energy bills low, too.

In fact, many homeowners end up using these to treat their entire house all year.

Since it’s only installed on the second floor here, our homeowners are keeping their radiators, but the new system provides some much-appreciated supplemental heat. In the fall, our homeowners switch the air handler to providing heat. Now, they can wait a few extra weeks before turning on the radiators.

Since the Mitsubishi model is more energy-efficient than its oil-burning counterpart, they see lower energy bills in the winter, too.

By installing the Mitsubishi unit, ECI was able to cool down this Bristol home's second floor and provide maximum comfort during the summer months. And, as a bonus, the Mitsubishi system also offers extremely efficient heating, which will make a great supplemental source during the winter and will help the homeowner save on their oil bill.

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