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Case Studies

Jan 12, 2023 9:49:53 AM by Logan Donahue

Throwback Thursday: How Much Do You Value a Second Opinion?

PROBLEM:  Back in 2018, our customer had recently moved into a new home in Media, Pa. and started experiencing problems with their relatively new boiler. They were worried they were spending too much money on repairs. 

SOLUTION: They called ECI for a second opinion that saved $850 dollars on a brand new boiler under a rebate warranty! After installing it within the same week, we were able to leave our customers with a permanent solution to keep their home warm.


ECI gives second opinion on leaky boiler in Media, PANew homeowners in Media, PA found that their boiler was leaking. After just buying the house that year knowing it had a relatively new boiler, they weren’t expecting such a pricey problem so soon. Their system was only eight years old- which is fairly new in boiler years.

Initial Conversations 

In distress, they called their home and heating oil supply company to take a look at their boiler. This company recommended that the boiler be replaced entirely. Desperate, the homeowners were debating whether or not to follow through with this decision so quickly, until they thought to reach out to ECI for a free second opinion. We had previously helped the homeowners save them undue costs, so they decided to give us a call again.

The outside of their Burnham boiler looked fine, but the inside was a disaster! There was a leak in one of the cast-iron sections, which is an uncommon issue. After calling the manufacturer, we discovered that their unit was under rebate warranty. Being the second owners, they were able to qualify for an $850 rebate warranty on the unit. We are so thankful that our customers reached out to us and knew we would go the extra mile for them. 

ECI fixes leaky, rusted boiler in Media, Pa

Curious about oil heat? 

Oil heat and boiler systems are a very popular choice among homeowners as they deliver heat through radiators in each room. To receive this heat, an oil tank holds fuel for the boiler that converts water to steam that rises through pipes to radiators to heat a room. This kind of system usually lasts sixteen to seventeen years. 


New Burnham boiler unit is upgraded and takes up minimal space in Media, PA home.

ECI was able to find a perfectly sized Burnham cast-iron boiler with a domestic tankless coil and install it within the same week. This was a newer but less expensive model of their current unit. 

When a boiler develops a leak, it tends to be from damaged seals, cracks in the body, loose joints, or pressure issues. Corrosion over time is the main cause of many boiler leaks, usually leading to a full replacement. A replacement can be very costly and can take multiple days to install. 

Why Burnham Boilers? 

Burnham boilers are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a reliable heating system. With an efficiency rate of 96 percent, these boilers save homeowners money on energy bills in addition to their lower upfront costs.

Plus, the new Burnham unit does not take up a large amount of space and should last years with its copper piping. 

Investing in Trust 

We are very happy that our customers trust us to deliver the best care for their comfort in their homes. With the quick installation time, less expensive model, and tax rebate, our homeowners could experience increased comfort and savings. Having the benefit of the manufacturer's rebate warranty saved them $850 when they asked for ECI’s second opinion. We enjoy working with Burnham because they care about their customers the same way we do! 


Contact ECI Comfort

Do you need a consultation for an estimate you received recently? If you have an oil boiler or other system that's having problems, reach out to ECI Comfort. WE OFFER FREE SECOND OPINIONS! We'll make sure to check into any warranty coverage you might have and find ways to save you money while helping you to get the most efficient and effective heating system for your home.


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