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Home fuel oil delivery for Lower Bucks County

Fuel Oil






 Oil  Delivery to Lower Bucks County & Surrounding Areas


At ECI Comfort & My Express Oil, we offer many different options for home heating oil to best suit your needs and your budget. We help keep your home warm all winter long!

Payment & Delivery Programs

Enjoy our most discounted deliveries with My Express Oil. As a will-call customer you are able to process oil deliveries at any given time through our online store or by calling in. Within 3 days of your purchase, you will receive your oil delivery.
Learn More About My Express Oil
Enjoy Automatic Delivery even if you don't have a service contract. We will maintain your usage on our end and come out to fill your tank when needed. You do not need to call in to order or worry about running out of oil. The PPG is a bit higher compared to will-call PPG, as we maintain everything on our end and guarantee that you don't run out. Payments are also automatic which allows you to receive additional discounts.
Cancelling Auto-Delivery
Avoid high fuel bills in the winter with our Budget Program. Our plan starts mid-summer and gives you the ability to pay for your deliveries over a 10- or 11-month period. We will estimate your payments based on your previous year's usage and the current oil price. Your oil price throughout the season will fluctuate with the market. In addition, budget customers have their fuel delivered on an automatic delivery basis, eliminating any stress of running low on oil. When it comes to payment, you can choose between automatic payments from either a credit card or a bank account. The convenience of automatic payments means that you will receive discounts  per gallon on every order.
Learn More About Our Budget Program
Sign up for a budget and keep your oil prices low with our Price Cap Budget Program. Enjoy all the same benefits of a budget plan but with a price cap. We will take the Cap price and multiply it by the number of gallons you typically use. We will divide that amount into equal and stable monthly payments. We will then add a nominal monthly protection fee which will guarantee you that no matter how high prices may go you will NEVER pay a higher PPG. If prices go down, your price will still go down.
Learn More About Our Price Cap Budget Program
Lock in a price with our Prepay Program. Choose your preferred # of annual gallons (min. 500) and make a one time, upfront payment at our lock-in price. We'll then use your credit to make automatic deliveries throughout the season. This price will not change even if market prices go up or down.Learn More About Our Prepay Program

Annual Service Agreements

Our full-service Comfort Plan provides you with priority scheduling, full-coverage, emergency service, your annual tune-up, automatic oil delivery, and more!

Our discount Express Plan provides you with your tune-up, the option of will-call or  automatic delivery, discounts on repairs, and more!

Learn More About Oil Service Plans

To schedule a heater service or tune-up, click here.

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