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Case Studies

Jun 29, 2023 12:43:42 PM by Lauren Mangano

Lansdale Homeowner Switches to Reliable Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heat Pump

PROBLEM: Our homeowner in Lansdale had a Fujitsu ductless air conditioning system that was causing issues ever since it was installed.  Determined to find a dependable solution, she sought a contractor who could offer a reliable system and stand behind their product.

SOLUTION: Catherine reached out to ECI Comfort to replace her defective system. ECI installed a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heat Pump system to provide effective cooling and heating in the home's addition all year round. 


Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump installation in Lansdale, Pa

Five years ago, Catherine had a Fujitsu ductless air conditioner installed in the addition of her Lansdale home. Since the time of the installation, the system caused nothing but problems; and after about two years, the unit stopped working completely. This was especially unfortunate since the system should’ve lasted 15 years. After doing some research, Catherine found ECI on the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer website and decided to give us a call.

Initial Conversations

"This is the third year in a row that it has lost coolant. I’ve had the flare fittings redone twice. The unit has never kept the correct temperature," Catherine told us when scheduling her comfort consultation. After years of refrigerant leaks and other issues, she lost faith in her previous contractor and the Fujitsu system they installed. Because of the ongoing problems she experienced, Catherine explained that she was interested in extended warranties.

That's one reason why we were the perfect match for her home comfort goals. Hiring a Diamond Contractor like ECI offers many perks, including a 12-year product warranty -- the most aggressive in the industry. For other systems, standard warranties are typically five years for parts and seven years for the compressor. However, with a Diamond Contractor, both parts and compressor are warranted for 12 years. This comprehensive warranty safeguards your investment and ensures the comfort of your home.

Choosing a Heat Pump Versus an Air Conditioner

Catherine has two central air conditioners and gas furnaces used to condition the original part of the house. To keep the family room addition comfortable, she had the ductless air handler installed. The original ductless system only provided cooling, but our Comfort Specialist, Darren, offered Catherine the choice to upgrade to a heat pump for added benefits. 

Although the addition already had in-floor radiant heat, Catherine thought it was a great idea to have a heat pump as backup if needed, for only a slight additional cost.

Unlike a standard air conditioner where the sole function is cooling, a heat pump can switch between heating and cooling! In the summer, the ductless heat pump system will suck hot air out of the family room and distribute chilled air back through the room. In the colder months, it absorbs heat energy from the outside air, which it then sent throughout the home.  

After determining the best indoor and outdoor unit for her home, ECI got to work installing the new system!

The Installation

ECI went out for the installation at the end of May -- perfect timing to ensure Catherine was cool for the summer! Check out the benefits of her new system below.

MUZ-GS Heat Pump

The Mitsubishi Electric MUZ outdoor heat pump is great for single-zone applications such as a sunroom or addition. With Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating on the heat exchanger's aluminum fins, the unit promises increased coil protection and a longer lifespan. This is an important feature for Catherine, as her previous system did not last nearly as long as it was supposed to. 

As mentioned earlier, the heat pump also comes with a 12-Year Parts Warranty/Guarantee, 3-Year Labor Warranty/Guarantee, and 12-Year Compressor Warranty/Guarantee. 

Moreover, the new outdoor unit is slimmer and sleeker than the Fujitsu condenser. Check out this comparison:Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heat Pump in Lansdale, Pa

MSZ-GS High-Wall Air Handler

The MSZ-GS Large Capacity Wall-mounted indoor unit has wide airflow capabilities to ensure that conditioned supply air reaches every corner of the family room. The unit's interior air duct/vane, coil, and fan feature Dual Barrier Coating, which maintains efficiency by keeping the inside clean.

In addition, this model features a Powerful Mode for rapidly cooling or heating the family room to the desired temperature. The GS unit features Econo Cool as well, which can be used to adjust the amount of air directed toward occupants based on the air-outlet temperature. Lastly, the Swing Mode function can be turned on to move air throughout the room like an oscillating fan.

Final Thoughts

With her new ductless heat pump system, Catherine will enjoy peace of mind and superior comfort. She will also enjoy the added benefit of supplemental heat in the shoulder seasons. With the extended warranties, Catherine can sit back, relax, and no longer worry about her ductless unit breaking down.Mitsubishi Electric Ductless High-Wall Indoor Units


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