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Case Studies

May 18, 2023 4:30:47 PM by Lauren Mangano

Moorestown, NJ Homeowners Make the Switch from Window ACs to Unico High Velocity

PROBLEM: Our customers in Moorestown, New Jersey were looking to install central air in their beautiful older home and get rid of their window air conditioner units. They were also looking to address hot and cold spots that they experienced with their existing steam boiler radiator system.

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed two Unico High Velocity central air systems paired with two outdoor Bosch Inverter Heat Pumps. These systems will provide comfortable, quiet air conditioning along with backup heat to supplement their existing boiler system.


Our customers, John and Kathy, were finally ready to enjoy whole-home central air conditioning and stop putting in old, inefficient window AC units each summer. Additionally, although they liked their steam radiators, they were noticing some uncomfortable spots throughout their home. Their boiler only functioned as a single-zone system, meaning they had to have uniform temperatures across all three floors of the home. This can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, not to mention costly if you are only using certain areas of the home.Nixon House 3

Initial Conversations

Our customers were initially thinking about a ductless system; but after some consideration, they decided that ductless mini-splits would not fit the aesthetics of their home. 

Our Comfort Specialist, Darren,  and our homeowners then decided on Unico High Velocity. Small-duct high velocity (SDHV) systems have several benefits when compared to traditional central air conditioning systems, which we'll cover below. We also decided on Bosch Inverter heat pumps for the outdoor condensers so that John and Kathy can have backup heat in the shoulder seasons. For instance, the heat pumps can be used in fall and spring when the weather is mild, and the system can be switched over to the boiler when it starts to get colder. 

Benefits of High Velocity Air Conditioning 

So, why not install a ductless system or a conventional ducted air conditioning system? Well, SDHV systems have some features that are especially beneficial to older. Compared to conventional central AC, Unico High Velocity air conditioning is much quieter, fits into smaller spaces, and circulates the air better. Let's get into the benefits below!


The smaller the space, the more apparent it is when your air conditioner is running. Anyone who’s used window units in a rowhome knows how loud it can get! But high velocity systems are specially made to be whisper-quiet; they use unique noise-dampening materials in the construction of the system. At most, you’ll hear a very soft “whoosh” if the room is silent and you’re near one of the tiny vents. If you've ever heard someone say a high velocity system is noisy, it could be due to issues with the installation such as the sound attenuator not being used or not enough outlets (vents) installed with the system. 

Check out this video demonstration of how the sound suppression works:

Better air circulation

Unico systems also circulate the air much more efficiently than other setups, allowing us to put those vents in out-of-the-way places. Even with a vent tucked away in the corner, the air will quickly spread throughout the room so that you can feel cooling comfort from any spot.

Small ducts and concealable vents

Not only is the system unnoticeable to your ears, but you'll also barely see it! Unico High Velocity vents are only around three inches wide, so we're able to place them flush against doors and walls. They also come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match them to the wall or flooring material in your home. As you can see below, the white vents match our customers' ceilings and are barely visible.Unico high velocity vents in Moorestown, NJ home

In addition to small outlets, the sound-attenuating supply ducts of high velocity systems are only about two to two point-five inches in diameter and can be easily hidden by running them through ceilings, walls, and closets. Traditional ductwork is four times bigger!


The efficiency of the high velocity system and its ability to remove extra humidity from the air will ensure our homeowners experience maximum comfort, without that sticky, humid feeling in the summer. Unico systems can actually remove up to 30 percent more moisture than traditional ducted airconditioning systems. Best of all, John and Kathy will actually be able to use and see out their windows! 

Why Unico High Velocity is Ideal for Older Homes

The Install

Unico High Velocity with Bosch Inverter Heat Pumps

ECI installed one system to satisfy the first floor of the home, and another system to satisfy the second and third floors. Because we chose heat pumps for the outdoor condensers, our homeowners can enjoy air conditioning in the summer and backup heat in the spring and fall. Check out some of the high velocity outlets below: Small duct, high velocity system installation in Moorestown, NJ

The air conditioning has provided them with more even temperatures across every level of the home, and the Bosch Inverter heat pumps will help them save on gas bills! When it's a little chilly but not cold enough to use their boiler, the heat pump can be used instead of the steam boiler. Then, when it gets down to 35-40 degrees outside, the system can automatically switch over and start using the boiler and radiators. 

This Bosch heat pump model is one of the quietest and most compact air-to-air systems on the market. Inverter technology will also provide consistent room temperatures and help eliminate hot and cold spots. Check out the heat pumps we installed below:

Bosch Bova Heat Pumps in Moorestown, NJ

Ecobee thermostat

Another step we took to combat uneven temperatures in the home was to move their existing thermostat from the first-floor living room to the dining room. The previous placement was above where the boiler was in the basement and also near the fireplace, so the heat was tricking the thermostat to think the set temperature was already satisfied before it actually was. As a result, they would experience cold spots and have to run the thermostat longer, wasting energy and money. 

After moving the thermostat, we added an Ecobee Sensor in the sunroom/kitchen area to address our homeowners' concerns that the kitchen was always cold in winter and hot in summer. The sensor will help balance the temperature and keep them comfortable all year long.

Indoor air quality

In addition to upgrading John and Kathy's heating and air conditioning system, we also enhanced the home's indoor air quality.

By installing two Aerus Air Scrubbers, there will be a significant reduction in viruses, bacteria, odors, and dangerous VOC's. The Air Scrubber by Aerus is easily added to your current HVAC system to get the most out of your home's filtration system. It even protects your home's heating and cooling system from build-up, which increases efficiency and longevity as a result. 

Lastly, ECI installed an Aprilaire Whole House Air Cleaner. Proper air filtration from the Aprilaire system combined with air purification from the Air Scrubber will provide a solution to John and Kathy's entire home by capturing almost all of the airborne particles and reducing virus-sized particles and other small contaminants from occupying their indoor air. The Aprilaire Healthy Air System will also provide fresh air ventilation, which is one of the most important factors when it comes to indoor air quality.


So far, our homeowners have enjoyed even temperatures and quiet comfort throughout their home. They no longer have to hear those window AC units all summer and they'll even save on their gas bills in the winter! Plus, they'll experience better air quality year-round.

If you're looking to upgrade your home comfort system, click below or give us a call today!Contact ECI Comfort


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