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Case Studies

Jan 19, 2023 1:46:20 PM by Logan Donahue

Throwback Thursday: Mitsubishi Ductless System Gives South Philadelphia Rowhome a Cool Upgrade!

PROBLEM: Our homeowner was ready to upgrade her HVAC system but felt stuck due to the infrastructure of her rowhome in South Philadelphia.

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed Mitsubishi Electric ductless units to provide fast, cool, and even throughout her two-story rowhome.


Our client, Emily resides in a South Philadelphia rowhome where summers can get uncomfortably hot. With its lack of space and narrow structure, ductwork was not an option for Emily to turn to.

ECI upgrades rowhome in South Philadelphia with ductless systemShe knew there had to be better options, so she reached out to ECI Comfort with an interest in adding a ductless mini-split system. To make sure there was no concern regarding her space in her home, we were able to show her our other recent ductless rowhome projects in South Philadelphia. 

Ductless for Rowhomes

Keeping the Integrity of a Historic Rowhome

Most rowhomes in South Philadelphia don't have room for traditional ductwork, which often makes homeowners turn to window AC units. Unfortunately, window units typically don't work as well as homeowners would like. Even if ductwork is possible, it's not always preferable -- many Philadelphia homeowners like to keep the integrity of their historic rowhouses intact and don't want to tear down the walls and ceilings for a conventional system. READ: Ductless AC Cools South Philly Trinity & Preserves ArtDuctless systems, on the other hand, feature air handlers that are permanently mounted to the walls of your home. These handlers are connected to an outside heat pump with just a few small lines instead of ductwork. 

Emily had made her dream home in South Philadelphia with her rooftop deck and backyard garden. It was hard for her to enjoy her outdoor space with her huge window air conditioner units and the loud noise that came along with them. The Mitsubishi Electric outdoor heat pump that ECI installed was mounted to the wall of her rowhome to create a very quiet atmosphere so she could entertain her guests and enjoy herself outside on the deck.

Moving inside, the first floor is an open floor plan with several rooms, while the upstairs has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Emily was mostly focused on being comfortable on the second floor of her home. 

The Install 

ECI only needed to install one indoor air handler on the first floor of her rowhome because of its convenient open floor plan. Emily's first floor now had comfort with the recommended Mitsubishi FS model. This model is perfect for larger spaces, as it features the 3D i-See Sensor. This tool scans the room for uneven temperatures and delivers the right amount of cool/warm air to the room for perfect comfort. A Mitsubishi Electric outdoor heat pump was mounted to the outside wall of her deck and proved to be very quiet so she could enjoy time with friends and alone in peace.

Air handler above closet doors upstairs in South Philadelphia rowhome bedroom

Emily’s master bedroom exterior wall sits on the front of the house, which made this a hard decision on where to put her air handler. After careful consideration, we mounted it above her closet doors. We did this because the chimney for the boiler ran down through the first floor into the basement to keep the lines and drain tight to the existing chimney soffit. ECI was able to install this system within three days for Emily so she could enjoy a cool, quiet summer. 

Not only does she have an upgraded air conditioning system, but the ductless heat pump system can also serve as supplemental heating to her boiler in the fall. When it's not quite cold enough to use the boiler, Emily can switch her heat pump to heating mode and enjoy the same efficient comfort that she does with the AC. 

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split System 

Quiet operation

Each air handler is whisper-quiet, even when they are running at full power. Now that is something Emily is not used to with her bulky, noisy window units. At full power, these systems sound about as loud as rustling leaves!

Energy efficiency

All Mitsubishi Electric systems are Energy Star-certified to do a better job at keeping your home comfortable while increasing efficiency. This means lowering YOUR electric bills. 

Zoned cooling

Each handler has a thermostat installed in them that works independently from the other units. With Emily’s i-See 3D sensor, her air handler will automatically deliver those temperatures to uneven parts of that room. Zoned cooling allows comfort for everyone in each room.

Zoned cooling features allows each room to be at the comfort of your discretion while using Mitsubishi Ductless


Emily was overwhelmed with happiness that ECI Comfort could install a Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Air Conditioning System that was whisper-quiet and took up no space inside her home. There is nothing more efficient for a rowhome than a ductless system. Upgrading a rowhome like this can increase the value of the home and save homeowners money over time. ECI specializes in Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-splits in Philadelphia, PA, and wants you to feel comfortable in your home.

Check out this amazing five-star review from our homeowners!

A happy customer who left a 5 star customer review for ductless units installed by ECI Comfort.



Mitsubishi Electric ductless comfort systems are a great fit for any home! If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215-245-3200 to learn more.


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