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Apr 12, 2021 12:49:52 PM by Lauren Mangano

It's Always Humid in Philadelphia: Five Reasons to Go Ductless This Summer

Ductless air conditioning will fix your humid Philadelphia home

You'll be smiling too once you go ductless with the Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling system. Whether you're in the market for an entirely new system or you just want to make your home more comfortable before another hot and humid summer, here are five reasons why you should make the switch:

#1: Ductless Systems are Small and Minimally Invasive

While furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps typically take up a lot of space, the Mitsubishi Ductless system only has two small components. The outdoor unit, or compressor, is usually half the size of a traditional unit. The outdoor unit is connected to an indoor one using small holes in the wall to run the line sets through. Indoors, a small unit is mounted directly on the wall -- no large ductwork needed or big fans required to keep you cool during the summer months.

Ductless condenser outside Levittown home

A ductless condenser sits outside a Levittown home in the Kenwood section

#2: Ductless is Perfect for Retrofit Applications

We know that some houses don't have ample space for installing a new heating and air conditioning system. This is especially true in older or historic homes with high ceilings, low crawl spaces, and lots of other hidden obstacles throughout the walls. Living in a Philadelphia rowhome or cabin in Bucks County? No problem. Ductless Splits can be installed just about anywhere.
Ductless AC unit in Doylestown cabinA ductless wall unit in a Doylestown cabin.
As mentioned, Mitsubishi Ductless systems don't use ductwork, so trying to find space for the installation won't be necessary. All you have to do is decide which wall you want the small unit mounted to.  

#3: Each Zone Has its Own Climate Control, Keeping You Comfortable in Any Room

Do you and your family members debate over what temperature to keep the thermostat at? With a traditional forced air system, the best you can hope for is opening windows and adjusting the main thermostat to get the temperature you want across the home. On the other hand, Mitsubishi systems give you total control by creating climate zones. 
Ductless air conditioning zoning chartHow ductless multi-zoning works
Ductless systems can have a unit mounted in each zone. By setting the temperature for a zone, you control your comfort. INVERTER-driven compressor technology lets you have warmer bathrooms, cooler bedrooms, and a moderate living area without adjusting the thermostat each time you want to change the temperature. With a ductless system, comfort and convenience are guaranteed.

#4: No More Cold Blasts

Anyone with forced air heat knows the cold blast that comes through the vents when the unit kicks on. Although a wave of cold air might feel nice during the summer heat, it's not so nice when you're trying to get warm. ECI Comfort offers you a system that never sends out cold air when you don't want it to. Mitsubishi Hot-Start™ technology tells the unit to heat up to the temperature that you want before the fan switches on, creating instant comfort every time.
Ductless wall unit in Fairmount Park rowhomeOne ductless wall unit is perfect for this Fairmount Park row home

#5: No More Hot or Cold Spots

Hot spots and cold spots happen in every home. You might have a window that turns one room into a sauna, or a corner where it's always so chilly that you need a space heater. With Mitsubishi i-see Sensor™ 3D technology, your system actively monitors the zones and makes adjustments to keep the temperature even.
Anyone can get up and adjust a thermostat, but Mitsubishi does it for you. No more changing the temperature throughout the rest of your home just to fix one hot or cold spot.

Mitsubishi takes home heating and cooling to the next level, and ECI Comfort can make home comfort a reality even when temperatures may seem unbearable in the summer. We can add a system to supplement what you've got or create a whole house system -- whatever suits you best.
Your worries of dealing with the hot summer temperatures and humidity will be kicked to the curb with a new ductless system in your home. It's always humid in Philadelphia, but ECI can help.

Give ECI Comfort a call today for more information at 215-245-3200 or click the button below to learn more.

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