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Case Studies

Jul 21, 2021 10:25:36 AM by Brian Kinkade

South Philly Rowhome Finally Gets a Permanent AC Solution

ECI installs permanent AC solution in South Philly rowhome

PROBLEM:  New homeowners, Ted and Carrie, reached out to ECI during their settlement process on an old Philadelphia rowhome. The rowhome was equipped with cast-iron radiators for heat and window units for AC. Ted and Carrie were looking for a more permanent solution for their new home. Concerned about space and noise, they reached out to ECI about ductless mini-splits.

ECI Comfort installed a four-zone Mitsubishi Ductless system.  This multi-zone system was installed across three stories and provides both heating and cooling. This provided a permanent solution for their forever home and eliminated the need for those noisy window units. Since these Mitsubishi mini-splits require no ductwork, our homeowners can save on valuable space and get the most out of their new home. They also feature whisper-quiet technology.

Ted and Carrie recently purchased a beautiful rowhome in South Philly. The home had an old cast iron radiator heat system and window units for AC. The new homeowners wanted to avoid the noise and energy costs of running window units during our hot and humid Philly summers. They were looking for a more permanent solution that wouldn't compromise the limited space and historic architecture of the home. 

The home was built in 1915, meaning a cooling system was never thought about. Due to the tight square footage of rowhomes, the option of ductwork tends to be eliminated due to its major construction needs and the amount of space it consumes. Philadelphia rowhomes also are know for their ambience and architecture. Some AC solutions can take away from the home and its appeal. This makes ductless mini-splits the perfect fit for Philly rowhomes. With no ductwork and the ability to "hide" within its surrounding, it adds to the aesthetic of your rowhome without taking away the charm and value.

Initial Call

The homeowners reached out to us during their settlement on a rowhome in South Philly and were preparing for the Summer months. The home came with no AC system other than window units. Using window units was out of the question due to their failure to operate efficiently, noise level, and cost. Ted and Carrie were curious about Mitsubishi Ductless systems because they didn't want to compromise any space or lose the charming style of the home. A permanent solution for years to come and zoned control were priorities of theirs. With the help of our comfort specialist, Joe, they settled on a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system to offer heating and cooling to their home. 

After gathering all the necessary information from talking with the homeowners, we settled on a date for an in-home consultation. During the consultation, our comfort specialist, Joe, explained the benefits of ductless systems by showcasing recent projects in the area.

Our 5-Star Process

The Home

The home is a three-story South Philly rowhome featuring a beautiful third floor deck. Space was limited, as is the case with many rowhomes, narrowing the options for systems as ductwork can take up one-third of the homes storage space.  Limited backyard space and a tight alley way also made for limited space to place the heat pump, but that was no issue for our experienced install crew. Ted and Carrie enjoyed the availability to communicate with our specialists, as well as the pre-install walkthrough to help understand the process. Fast action from the initial call to the install have them beating the heat not only this Summer, but for every Summer to follow! They now have a permanent comfort solution for their home that will also increase the home's value, making it an asset to not just our homeowners, but any future ones too.

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ECI installs crews are experienced in making Ductless splits fit in many areas of your home.

The Install

The pre-install walkthrough with Joe and our Install Manager Steve helped familiarize the homeowners with the install process and solidify the design. Stephan and TJ from our install crew arrived early and communicated with the homeowner where they would start. In just three short days, our crew was able to professionally and efficiently install the new Mitsubishi multi-zone ductless system while maintaining a clean workspace.

Even in tight spaces, ECI gets the Job done neatly!Like with many Philadelphia rowhomes, the most challenging part of the installation was finding the placement for the heat pump. Due to the narrow spaces outside, our crew was presented with the obstacle of locating a place for the pump and being able to hide the line sets up the side of the home. Our crew was able to place the unit in the alleyway along the house with guidance from out lead installer, Jim. 

Mitsubishi ductless mini-split comfort systems are a great fit for any home. From versatility to efficiency, this system comes with it all. This system will not only save the homeowner money, but have them smiling during the blazing heat waves and the raging winters with extreme comfort! 

If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.

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