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Case Studies

Dec 29, 2022 3:17:45 PM by Lauren Mangano

ECI Addresses Airflow Issues in Fairmount Rowhome with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps

PROBLEM: Our customer, Jesse, was experiencing ductwork and airflow issues in his Philadelphia rowhome. After having another company out and realizing that the problem wasn't fixed, he reached out to ECI to find a new comfort solution.

SOLUTION: ECI Comfort installed two Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling Systems totaling six indoor zones. This combination system satisfied Jesse's requirements of zoned control, precise comfort, and efficiency.


Our customer was experiencing ductwork and airflow issues that, despite having another company out to replace the system, were still not fixed. After he reached out to ECI, we worked together to find the best comfort solution for his four-story rowhome. With limited space in most Philadelphia rowhomes, we find that a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system is often the best option. These systems provide zoned control on each floor and don't require an obtrusive installation, which helps maintain the integrity of the rowhome. In Jesse's case, we installed two Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps to provide six indoor zones for maximum comfort.

Initial Conversations: Why An HVAC Replacement Was Needed

After speaking with Jesse, we were able to focus in on specific issues with his previous system that needed to be addressed. First, the system was old and expensive to repair every time it malfunctioned. Second, the system was all on one zone which led to uneven temperature across the four floors. Whether the upper floors were too hot or the lower floors were too cold, Jesse could not seem to get even comfort throughout his home. 

He had originally hired another company to fix his airflow issues and they promised that a new furnace and AC would do the trick with the ductwork and airflow. He signed with them and had the work done, but eventually had them come back to remove the system after the problems persisted.

Why ECI for the replacement?

We asked Jesse why he chose ECI for the replacement, as there are so many HVAC contractors in and around Philadelphia: "I spoke to a LOT of vendors. Many told me that there was no solution to make all floors comfortable at the same time. Some tried to sell me a mini-split for the top floor, but I didn't think that was the right or best solution - I wanted to be able to control the temperature independently in every room - not just every floor."

When the first replacement system failed to address any of his concerns, he continued his search for a company that could find the right solution. Our goal is to handle each project on a case-by-case basis, as every home is different and every homeowner has different heating and cooling needs. Fortunately for us, we were able to take on this challenge! 

"Steve was very concerned with understanding precisely what I wanted to accomplish and clearly explained the pros and cons of various options, including multiple trips to my house to meet with me, discuss the project, and walk through the house to discuss each aspect of the project. His attention to detail, desire to please, professionalism, communication, and good nature all indicated to me that ECI was the right company for me."

The Install: Why We Chose a Mitsubishi Electric System

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat PumpECI Comfort installed two Mitsubishi Electric systems with six indoor zones to satisfy Jesse's concerns about temperature control, zoning, and efficiency. We went with two MXZ Hyper-Heat Heat Pumps which connected to both indoor ducted units and indoor ductless ceiling cassettes.Learn More About Hyper-Heat

The two outdoor heat pump units operate up to 20.6 SEER and 18 SEER, and up to 12 HSPF. So not only will our customer enjoy precise temperature control and increased comfort, but he will also see higher efficiency and lower electric bills.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems come with a host of other benefits as well. Ductless systems are extremely versatile and can fit in any space; with many installation options and the ease of creating different zones, Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are perfect for Philadelphia rowhomes.

But don't take our word for it! We asked Jesse why he went with this system and got this feedback: "It allowed me to accomplish all of my goals. It's efficient. It's quiet. It's visually and physically unobtrusive. It allows me to control the temperature separately in every room of the house. It offers various form factors (ducted, ceiling cassette, floor/low-wall mount) that allowed me to use different form factors in different rooms of the house to take advantage of the unique aspects of each one (like the ducted unit allowing me to retain the existing ductwork in the primary bedroom suite to have registers in the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet)."

Final Thoughts

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Ceiling CassetteSo, how does our customer describe how the system is working now? "Phenomenally!"

We're grateful that Jesse placed his trust in ECI once he decided to redo this system, and we're pleased to know that the new system has addressed all of his concerns! We'll leave you with some final thoughts from our customer:

"...It's equally important for me to note how wonderful Jim, Tom, Alex, and Joey were through several weeks of (what I thought was) a rather challenging job to completely redo the HVAC system of an existing home without the benefit of the open walls of a new house under construction.

First and foremost, they were all incredibly professional. Beyond that, they were incredibly nice. I was very curious to know about every aspect of the project, and they never hesitated to take the time to show me everything that they were doing and answer all of my questions. They left my home cleaner than they found it each day, and it was exceedingly clear to me that they each took great pride in their work and made the quality of their work and my satisfaction (not only in the present but for the many years that I'll have this system) their top priority."

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