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Case Studies

Jul 21, 2021 10:23:04 AM by Brian Kinkade

1700s Stone Farmhouse Gets AC Upgrade it Always Needed

Mitsubishi ductless system in 1700s Stone Farmhouse in Cheltenham

PROBLEM:  Our homeowner, David, has a charming stone home built in the early 1700s. The home was built in three phases and was equipped with cast iron radiators for heat with no cooling system. David needed options that would efficiently heat and cool his home without disturbing the clean aesthetic of the property.

ECI Comfort installed a four-zone Mitsubishi Ductless system.  This four-zone system provides heating and cooling to the main spaces of the home without disrupting the homes functionality. With the home being constructed in different stages, finding spaces for the splits and the heat pump proved to be tricky. But with help from our lead installer, Matt, and coordination with the homeowner, our team found the perfect options and placements. For older homes with limited space, ductless AC is the perfect match.

Our homeowner, David, needed a more functional option for his home that provided cooling during the heat waves of summer. Window units and the old radiator system were no longer providing the home comfort he was after. This project presented some challenges as the house was constructed in phases, making the layout of their home very unique. However our team's experience with tricky layouts and expertise in older stone homes is exactly why this homeowner chose ECI. After reaching out to ECI Comfort with interest in adding a Mitsubishi Ductless system, one of our comfort specialists, Joe, headed his way.

Initial Call

In the initial call, our homeowner informed us that he had no AC system and relied on cast iron radiators. He wanted a solution that would replace the window units without adding ductwork. David had enough of constantly purchasing window units and lugging them around to different areas of the home, so he researched ECI and reviewed prior projects in which we installed ductless in older stone homes.

Zoned control was also a priority as they wanted to focus on the four main living spaces: the master bedroom, office, guest room, and living room.  

After gathering all the necessary information from talking with David, we settled on a date for an in-home consultation. During the consultation, our comfort specialist, Joe, explained the benefits of ductless systems by showcasing recent projects in the area. With Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits, there is little to no construction, no unsightly soffits, and zoned control!

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The Home

This Cheltenham, Pa. home was constructed in the 1700s out of stone and was built in three parts. A clean aesthetic and lots of space in the home were key to maintain during the process. The homeowner wanted options that would be efficient, but not take away from the home's  aesthetic. While the space needed for a traditional system would cause complication, the flexibility of mini-splits allow for compatibility with any type of home. The units can be mounted on the wall, floor, or ceiling, and the Mitsubishi ductless system is known for its "whisper quiet" operation, ensuring it won't be a bother.

What Size Ductless Mini-Split is Best for Your Home

The Install

As part of our 5-star process, Joe and Matt conducted a pre-install walkthrough with David. This helps our homeowners understand the install process and allows us to solidify the design one more time. Mike and Tom from our install crew arrived early and communicated with the homeowner where they would start. In just four days, our crew was able to professionally and efficiently install the new Mitsubishi Multi-Zone Ductless system while maintaining a clean workspace.

Ductless Splits are know for their efficiency and versatility to fit all areas of your home!

Outdoor condenser placement can be crucial to efficiency!

Due to the home's layout, locating space was something our crew had to focus on with the homeowner. Matt was able to provide input on the design, opting to go with a low-wall unit in the living room, as seen above (top right). Mike and Tom were able to mount the unit in the living room and not disturb the functionality, keeping the unit "hidden." Outside of the home, our crew found a spot to install the outdoor unit. Finding a good spot for this heat pump was the trickiest part of the install.

Mitsubishi ductless mini-split comfort systems are a great fit for any home. From versatility to efficiency, this system comes with it all. This system will not only save the homeowner money, but have them smiling during the blazing heat waves and the raging winters with extreme comfort! 

If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.

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