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Case Studies

Oct 13, 2023 12:50:27 PM by Lauren Mangano

Holland Homeowner Replaces AC and Oil Heat with Daikin Fit Heat Pump

PROBLEM: Our customer in Holland, Pa. was experiencing issues with her air conditioner which ended up needing repairs. However, both her air conditioner and oil heater were getting older, which posed the question of repair versus replacement. 

SOLUTION: ECI installed a Daikin Fit Inverter Heat Pump system, providing an all-in-one solution to replace her AC and heating systems. This new system and smart thermostat will ensure efficient heating and cooling year-round while saving our customer money.


Initial Conversations

Over the summer, our homeowner, Leah, called ECI for her annual air conditioning tune-up. She also noted strange noises coming from her AC and expressed concern that the unit may not be working well. As it turned out, the system needed hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, which prompted Leah to look into replacing the old air conditioner instead.

Our Comfort Specialist, Jeremy, provided Leah with several different replacement options so that we could help her decide what was best for her home and her budget. This included replacement options for her older oil heater so she could enjoy the benefits of a full HVAC upgrade. Jeremy gave quotes for options such as a high-efficiency oil furnace and air conditioner, conversion to a high-efficiency gas furnace and air conditioner, and a high-efficiency heat pump to replace the existing oil heat and AC. After reviewing all the options, Leah decided to go with the Daikin Fit heat pump paired with the Daikin OnePlus Smart Thermostat. Let's dive into the features and benefits of her new system below. AC upgrade to Daikin Fit Heat Pump in Holland, Pa.

Air conditioner versus new heat pump

Features and Benefits of a Daikin Upgrade

The Daikin Fit Inverter Heat Pump is a highly efficient and innovative heating and cooling system designed for residential and light commercial applications. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

Inverter technology

The Daikin Fit utilizes inverter technology, which allows the compressor to modulate its speed based on the heating or cooling demand. This results in precise temperature control and energy efficiency. 

Moreover, the Daikin Fit boasts high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings. The inverter technology and high-efficiency ratings of the Daikin Fit can lead to significant energy savings for our homeowner, reducing her heating and cooling costs.

Compact design

This heat pump has a compact and space-saving design which allows for installation in spaces where traditional HVAC systems may not fit. Its slim profile makes it suitable for tight spaces like Philadelphia homes or zero-lot-line homes. 

Quiet operation

The Daikin Fit is known for its quiet operation, thanks to features like a variable-speed compressor and sound-reducing technology. Common non-inverter systems produce around 73 dB(A), while the Daikin Fit produces 56 dB(A). For comparison, a coffee grinder has a noise level around 75 dB(A), while a coffee percolator has a noise level around 55 dB(A). This makes it ideal for residential use, meaning our homeowner can enjoy time outside without any disturbances.

Long-term reliability

Daikin is known for producing reliable and durable HVAC systems, and the Daikin Fit is no exception. It is designed to provide long-term performance. Plus, features such as the hinged service panels make maintenance and servicing easier for technicians, reducing downtime during repairs or inspections.

Zoned heating and cooling

The Daikin Fit supports multi-zone configurations, which means you can have individualized temperature control in different areas of your home or building.

Smart thermostat and wireless control

We also installed the Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat for Leah, providing her with even more precise temperature control. This model can reduce energy when she's away and even monitor the home's indoor air quality. Plus, this advanced system can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, allowing Leah to adjust settings and monitor the system from anywhere with an internet connection. Additional smart features include automatic software updates, alerts when away from home, and voice control capabilities.Jiorle Before After - Air Handler

Oil furnace versus new heat pump air handler

Warranties and Rebates

With extended warranties and instant rebates, our homeowner is able to enjoy peace-of-mind and more money savings. 

Both the Daikin Fit Heat Pump and Daikin Multi-Position Variable-Speed Air handler came with 12-year parts warranty and 2-year labor warranty. The outdoor heat pump unit also came with 12-year compressor warranty.

Finally, Leah received a Daikin Fit instant rebate of $1,100, providing her with instant savings before she enjoys long-term energy savings.

Final Thoughts

By installing a Daikin Fit, we were able to provide an efficient, year-round comfort system for our homeowner. She will no longer have to deal with volatile oil prices, fossil fuels, or a noisy air conditioner! Leah also left us a 5-star Google Review:

"Dan, Alex, and Nick took good care of us and we couldn’t be happier with the install."

We thank Leah for choosing ECI to install her new HVAC system!Contact ECI Comfort

ECI Comfort specializes in installing Daikin Comfort Systems in and around Bucks County, PA. If you are interested or would like to know more, click the button above or reach us at (215) 245-3200 or info@ecicomfort.com!


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