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Case Studies

Jun 15, 2023 4:26:23 PM by Lauren Mangano

Year-Round Comfort in Yardley: Homeowner Upgrades to Daikin Fit AC and Gas Furnace

PROBLEM: Our homeowner, Daniel, had a Carrier air conditioner that was getting old. He was looking for newer, more efficient models to replace both his AC and gas furnace.

SOLUTION: ECI installed a high-efficiency system that includes a Daikin Fit air conditioner, Daikin gas furnace, and Daikin OneTouch thermostat. Daniel can now enjoy benefits such as quiet operation, lower energy bills, and consistent temperatures.



Daniel's beautiful home in Yardley has been completely remodeled and renovated over the years, but there was still one thing missing -- a new HVAC system. Updated air conditioners and heaters are must-haves nowadays, and our homeowner did not want to go through summer with an AC unit that was on the fritz. He contacted ECI to have the whole system replaced, and we got to work finding the best system to support his needs. Check out his 5-star Google review following the installation!

5-star google review ECI Comfort and Daikin

Initial Conversations

Daniel had a Carrier Infinity central air conditioner and Carrier gas furnace in his home. Both systems were getting old and no longer providing him with the comfort he was looking for. He knew he wanted to upgrade to something more efficient, specifically a system with a SEER rating of at least 16.

Apart from experiencing problems with his heating and cooling system, Daniel also encountered issues with the range hood above his stove. Designed to effectively extract air and route it back through the ductwork for filtration and conditioning by his air handler, the range hood failed to function optimally due to incompatibility with his Carrier system. Our Comfort Specialist, Jeremy, took this into consideration when deciding on the best system for Daniel's home, even making sure to call technical support to ensure that everything would work together properly.

After reviewing what Daniel was looking for in his new home comfort system, we decided on the Daikin Fit Variable-Speed Air Conditioner and Daikin Modulating Variable-Speed Gas Furnace. This system will be a major upgrade from the old Carrier units and will provide maximum comfort for years to come!

The Installation: Daikin Fit Air Conditioner and Daikin Gas Furnace

Daikin Fit Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

The Daikin Fit uses Inverter technology to deliver comfortable temperatures at a consistent level across your home. Whereas a standard air conditioner may cause temperature swings with harsh stops and starts, the Daikin Fit runs at a lower rate for a longer period to provide greater comfort and efficiency.
Quiet operation
Daniel's old Carrier system likely produced around 73 decibels, as do most non-inverter systems. On the contrary, the Daikin Fit produces 56 dB(A). For comparison, a coffee grinder has a noise level around 75 dB(A), while a coffee percolator has a noise level around 55 dB(A). Our homeowner can now fully enjoy his outdoor space without the loud drone of an air conditioner.
Not only will his outdoor space feel quieter, but he'll also have more room! The Daikin Fit is a side-discharge unit that takes up less space than traditional air conditioners. The outdoor unit's slim profile is ideal for any location - whether it be a patio, roof, or terrace. Check out the comparison photo at the end!Learn More About Daikin Fit

Daikin Modulating, Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

Daikin Gas Furnace in Yardley, Pa by ECI Comfort

The gas furnace we installed is compatible with both the new air conditioner, the new Daikin thermostat, and the existing range hood. Compatibility is a key factor when deciding on a new HVAC system, which you can read more about here.

Durable heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of a gas furnace, as it's the part where the heat is created. If the heat exchanger fails, the furnace will not operate properly. Cracked or damaged heat exchangers can cause problems too, and can even be dangerous. The Daikin furnace we installed has a heavy-duty, stainless-steel, tubular heat exchanger. Its design provides durability and efficiency, ensuring that the furnace does not have to work as hard, which will lead to lower heating bills for our homeowner.

Quiet, variable-speed draft blower

This efficient and quiet variable-speed airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand. With multiple continuous fan speed options, this Daikin furnace offers quiet air circulation and extreme comfort. It also boasts a 97% AFUE, meaning 97% of the energy created is sent to the home for heat.


A multi-stage or modulating gas furnace continuously regulates the amount of fuel burned to maintain the set temperature of your thermostat. This modulating component can minimize indoor temperature fluctuations and give you more precise control. You can read more about single-stage, two-stage, and multi-stage gas furnaces below.Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage vs. Modulating Furnaces

Other upgrades

daikin one touch smart thermostat

Part of the complete system upgrade included replacing Daniel's old thermostat with a communicating wifi thermostat. We went with the Daikin One Touch model -- a sleek and modern controller for Daikin One systems. 

The minimalistic home screen will allow our homeowner to easily adjust modes to switch between cooling, heating, auto, and off. The thermostat's scheduling feature will also allow him to set temperatures that automatically adjust to his daily routine. The schedule clearly lists up to six events per day so he can enjoy ultimate customization that can be changed at any time. You can learn more about Daikin's smart thermostats here.

Daikin OneTouch Thermostat in Yardley, Pa by ECI Comfort

The thermostat is connected to other Daikin cloud services, too. Cloud-connected equipment enables us to receive notifications and alerts from Daikin on your system, enabling faster communication of alerts, and the ability to remotely adjust many settings. In the event that Daniel has an issue with his system, ECI will be able to learn more before even coming out to house, allowing for a quicker and easier fix. To learn more about Daikin Cloud Services, download the customer brochure below.

Learn More About Daikin Cloud Services

honeywell Home Media Air Cleaner

In addition to addressing Daniel's heating and cooling needs, ECI installed a Media Filter in the new HVAC system. Air filters are the most common indoor air quality product. They are designed to capture and remove particles from the air such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne allergens. Media filters specifically are very effective at trapping most pollutants and are relatively low-maintenance. Now that it's professionally installed, our homeowner will only need to replace the filter every six to 12 months, depending on use. That means it lasts four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter.

water heater repair

Lastly, Daniel had a leak on his existing water heater that we fixed as a courtesy.  Our goal at ECI is to go above and beyond for our customers in any way we can. Since Daniel was getting brand-new equipment, we wanted to make sure everything  was functioning properly so that he could enjoy maximum home comfort.

Final Thoughts

With his new Daikin Fit Air Conditioner, our homeowner can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Once the temperatures drop again, Daniel can also enjoy efficient heat from his new Daikin Gas Furnace. Plus, his indoor air quality and ease of setting the temperature will be greater than ever with the new air filter and thermostat! 

Extended warranties

But the benefits don't stop there. Daniel can enjoy peace of mind for years to come with Daikin's outstanding warranty protection. Both the Daikin Fit Air Conditioner and the Daikin Modulating Gas Furnace qualify for 12-year parts warranty, and 12-year unit replacement (if the compressor or heat exchanger fails). The best part? ECI registers everything for our homeowners so that they can enjoy home comfort without the hassle.

Samson Before After - Daikin fit-1

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