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May 15, 2023 9:42:36 AM by Logan Donahue

The Importance of Matching Furnaces and Air Conditioners for a Reliable HVAC System

A key component of maintaining a comfortable home is having an efficient and effective HVAC system. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the risks associated with mismatched furnaces and air conditioners. The reason why an HVAC system is called a “system” is because the heating and cooling systems work together as one unit. 


The Main Question 

Can I install different brands for my AC and Furnace? 

The easy answer is yes. Most AC units and furnaces work well together even if they are made by different manufacturers. However, this does not mean that your HVAC system will be unproblematic its whole life. Your furnace and AC work together as a complete system. Inside is the air handler and furnace, while the outside condensing unit houses some of the cooling components, and a refrigerant line connects them. Your air handler ages as fast as your outdoor component. You may not have to replace this unit if it’s compatible with the system you plan to install. Your new unit is at risk of damage from the components of the existing system because the air handler joins both systems. Let’s check out those potential problems below. 

Risks of a Mismatched Furnace and Air Conditioner

Knowing that different brands' units can work together, the next question is: what happens if I install a mismatched furnace and AC? Check out these four risks of installing mismatched equipment.

Decreased efficiency

When HVAC components are mismatched, their lack of optimal compatibility can lead to decreased system efficiency. Connecting a new unit to an old and inefficient system will significantly decrease its lifespan.
Another example- If your air conditioner is too large for your furnace, it may cool your home too quickly, causing the furnace to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This can result in increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. 

Decreased lifespan and increased wear and tear

Mismatched components can cause the HVAC system to cycle on and off more frequently, leading to increased wear and tear. The additional strain placed on the equipment can shorten its lifespan and result in more frequent repairs and maintenance requirements. Incompatible systems usually need to be replaced every three to five years. 

Reduced comfort

The comfort of your home can be significantly affected by a mismatched furnace and air conditioner. An improperly sized air conditioner may cool your home too quickly, resulting in temperature swings and uneven cooling throughout different areas of the house. Hot and cold areas of a home are uncomfortable, leading to your system trying to work harder to meet desired temperatures. Similarly, a furnace that is too small for your air conditioner may struggle to keep your home warm during colder months, leading to inconsistent temperatures and a decrease in overall comfort.

Voided warranties

Many HVAC manufacturers require their equipment to be installed as part of a matching system or require a whole system replacement in order to maintain their warranty. In the case of a mismatched furnace and air conditioner, your warranty may become void, leaving you responsible for any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. These repairs will be difficult for technicians to find, therefore could lead to more potential problems for your system. 

Seem tricky? Let’s go over why you should install matching furnace and AC units in your home. 

The Benefits of a Matching HVAC System

Improved energy efficiency

By installing a matching HVAC system, you can enhance your home's energy efficiency. A matched system is an economic investment. You will get the most energy-efficient performance by pairing your AC unit with a furnace from the same brand. When your furnace and air conditioner are properly sized and matched, they can work together more effectively, reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills.
Choosing compatible systems ensures no air leaks from the ductwork and means your system responds quickly to thermostat changes. You also won’t have to run your unit as long, resulting in lower utility bills. 

Enhanced comfort

A matching HVAC system provides more consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home. With a properly sized furnace and air conditioner, you can avoid temperature swings and achieve even cooling or heating, ensuring your home remains comfortable year-round.

Longer system lifespan

Investing in a matching HVAC system helps extend the lifespan of your equipment. A matched system can last 10-15 years. Energy-efficient improvements go hand in hand with the system's longer lifespan. By reducing wear and tear and internal damage, you can prevent premature breakdowns, saving money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Warranty protection and guaranteed compatibility 

Installing a matching HVAC system ensures that your equipment remains under warranty. Manufacturers construct HVAC system components to match perfectly, you can guarantee your HVAC system will work properly. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected and the manufacturer will cover any necessary repairs or replacements.
Matching your furnace and air conditioner is crucial for maintaining the comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your HVAC system. Most importantly, it will save you more money in the long run. ECI is ready to help you find the right furnace and air conditioner combination for your home, and bring the peace of mind that comes with a matching HVAC system and comfort to your home. Click below to contact us today!
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