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Apr 30, 2021 4:25:18 PM by Lauren Mangano

The Importance of Routine AC Check-ups

Wondering if it's actually important to have your air conditioning system cleaned and checked annually? The answer is definitely!!AC Tune up with ECI Comfort
The weather can’t seem to make up its mind right now, but the hot weather has already made a few appearances, and will soon be taking over. In the meantime, we’ve started our annual ritual of pre-season air conditioning tune-ups and safety checks. We thought this was a good time to showcase a story from years ago around the same time.
One of our technicians was in Montgomery County to do a tune-up for a customer that had a Unico Small-Duct Central Air Conditioning system installed by ECI Comfort several years prior. The homeowner routinely got his heater cleaned and serviced, but hadn’t had the central air looked at since its installation.
This is what we found when we started taking the system apart:IMG_8980
Mechanical equipment requires many working parts in order to function properly. With an air conditioner, nothing is more important than the free flow of air across the system. This especially goes for the coils in order to transfer heat from the air to the coil and its refrigerant, and then take that heat outside and release it from the refrigerant in the coils to the outside air. 
You don’t have to have a degree in thermodynamics to see that this build-up on the coils will substantially reduce the efficiency of the airflow and ultimately the transfer of energy. Imagine how much energy would be wasted by this system having to work twice as long to remove the heat from the air!
ECI’s number one cause of emergency service calls during heat waves are clogged filters and dirty coils. In extreme cases like this one, the system could even suffer damage to the components that could be quite costly. So, we definitely recommend getting a yearly preseason tune-up and safety inspection, and to change your filters often!Schedule My AC Tune-Up

Signs Your AC System is Due for a Tune-Up

  • Strange sounds like a humming or buzzing
  • Air blowing out that is room temperature or warm
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Weird smell coming from your system
  • Water leakage from your system
  • Lack of humidity control from your system
  • It's been at least a year since you've last scheduled maintenance
If you cannot get a tune-up, make sure you replace the air filter often and pay attention to these kinds of warning signs.

Benefits of Routine Check-Ups

  • Prevent high energy bills
  • Catch minor problems before they turn in to expensive repairs
  • Equipment will have a longer lifespan
  • Keep manufacturer’s warranties valid

What to Expect During Your AC Tune-Up

When getting an annual AC tune-up from ECI Comfort, your technician will go through a 20+ point checklist. Each check will ensure that your system is running safely and efficiently and is set up to keep you cool all summer. 
A few of these points include checking the evaporator coil for leaks, cleaning the coil, cleaning/changing the air filter, checking the static pressure, checking the safety controls, and checking the refrigerant charge. This full-service tune-up and safety inspection is important to maintain the life of your unit and keep your energy bills down.
Side note: Beware of what we like to call "time-share tune-ups" from other companies. These heavily discounted "tune-ups" lock you in with a good price but do not actually maintain your system well and only end up costing you more money in the long-run.

To schedule an AC Tune-Up, click the button below or give us a call at 215-245-3200.
Schedule My AC Tune-Up

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