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Feb 3, 2023 12:34:32 PM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

Switch to A Smart Thermostat in 2023

Smart home devices have gotten more popular and complex over the years, with a ton of devices that have been created over to make your everyday life more convenient. But smart thermostats do more than make your life easier -- they also save you money. Continue reading to learn more about ecobee, Honeywell, and Google Nest smart thermostats and how they can benefit you and your home. 

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Feb 2, 2023 11:07:14 AM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

Trane's XL824 Smart Thermostat: Features and Benefits

The Trane XL824 Thermostat utilizes modern, cutting-edge technology for anyone looking to upgrade the thermostat system in their home. Upgrading your system can increase the money in your pocket with its ability to schedule around your life, with features that turn down your heating and cooling when you are not home. With its colorful, easy-to-read HD touchscreen display, the Trane XL824 has several features that homeowners can easily maneuver. 

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Dec 7, 2022 11:07:41 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Google Nest Thermostat E: Features & Benefits

The Google Nest Thermostat E comes with proven energy-saving features and a simple schedule you can adjust easily. Its frosted display blends into the background. And with the Nest app, you can change the temperature from anywhere – the office, the beach, even your bed. Learn more about the Thermostat E then contact ECI, a Nest Pro Contractor, to talk about getting a Nest for your home!

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Nov 9, 2022 11:24:16 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

How to Program Your Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

In this article, we'll go over how to program and navigate the menu and settings of your Honeywell T4 Pro Programmable Thermostat. Learn about the Mode button, Menu options, Fan operation, Programming, and Scheduling. Plus watch our helpful video overview!

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Nov 2, 2022 2:47:23 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Google Nest Learning Thermostat: Features & Benefits

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a great product to provide advanced comfort tailored to your home. It programs itself, automatically saves energy when you’re away, and can easily be controlled using your phone. It even sends you alerts when it notices an issue within your HVAC system. Continue reading to learn more about the features of benefits of the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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Jun 29, 2022 3:59:16 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

How to Program Your Programmable Thermostat

Setting the schedules on your programmable thermostat is simple with these steps. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the type of thermostat, including what cadence it can accommodate, and know what your typical schedule is like. 

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Jun 24, 2022 3:11:04 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

What Should I Set My Thermostat to in the Summer?

It can be tough to find the balance between a comfortable home and a moderate energy bill when it comes to setting your thermostat in the summer. Find out what the optimal settings are when you are home and away, as well as some other helpful tips.

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May 19, 2022 4:31:17 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Why Isn't My Thermostat Reaching the Set Temperature?

Without a properly functioning thermostat, your HVAC system won't be able to keep you cool during the hot and humid summer days. If the AC is set to a comfortable temperature but you notice the number rising and your house getting warmer, you may need to look into some underlying issues.


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Aug 31, 2021 12:10:18 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Nest Learning Thermostat Versus Ecobee SmartThermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat and ecobee SmartThermostat share a lot of the same features and capabilities. So how do you decide which is best for your home? See how the two compare when it comes to design, learning capabilities, voice control, geofencing, price, and other functionalities.

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Aug 27, 2021 3:58:26 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

What is a Smart Thermostat? And Other FAQs

Modern smart thermostats go above and beyond just heating and cooling your home. Their smart features allow control from any location through your devices, offer schedule learning, and save you money on energy bills with more precise adjustments. Keep reading to learn exactly what a smart thermostat is, how it works, and other FAQs.

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