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Jun 13, 2024 3:55:42 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

A Comprehensive Guide to HVAC Efficiency Ratings: BTU, SEER, EER, AFUE, and HSPF

Understanding the various efficiency ratings for heating and cooling systems is important in making informed decisions when it comes to home comfort. These ratings help you compare different systems based on performance level, comfort level, and utility savings. This blog will explain the key efficiency ratings: SEER, EER, AFUE, and HSPF.

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Apr 12, 2021 1:52:28 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

What Size Ductless Mini-Split is Best for Your Home

Considering installing a ductless heating or cooling system but don't know where to start? ECI is here to help. 

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Nov 9, 2020 3:29:00 PM by Joe Berardi - 0 comments

BTU? What the $#%@ is That?!

If you are an HVAC novice, you may wonder what BTU is...In this article, we are here to let you know!

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