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May 20, 2024 4:26:04 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Current Heating Oil Prices: What’s Happening and Why?

If you rely on oil to heat your home, you know how important it is to keep a close watch on prices. But why do heating oil prices move up and down so often? With fluctuations in the energy market, understanding the factors driving these changes is crucial. This blog explores the current heating oil prices, the influences behind them, and what consumers can expect in the near future.

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May 13, 2024 10:00:00 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Should I Keep My Oil Tank Full Over the Summer?

Once summer rolls around, the last thing on many homeowners' minds is their oil tank. It's easy to forget about it when the need for warmth seems so distant. However, maintaining a full fuel tank during the summer months is more than just a chore to check off your list; it's a smart decision with long-term benefits for your home and your wallet.

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Apr 10, 2024 2:11:33 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Navigating Heating Oil Plans: Comparing Budget, Price Cap, and Prepay Options

Oil customers often find themselves facing a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right payment plan for their heating needs. With fluctuating market prices and the unpredictable nature of oil costs, it's essential to select a plan that offers stability and flexibility. In this blog, we'll explore three popular options: Budget plans with market price, Budget plans with a Price Cap, and Prepay plans with locked-in prices, and analyze their benefits to help you make an informed decision.

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Apr 4, 2024 11:48:54 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

How Biodiesel for Home Heating Promotes Jobs and Helps Local Business

Have you ever considered the impact of your home heating fuel choice on the economy, local businesses, and job market in your area? Beyond the environmental benefits of Biodiesel, this industry plays a crucial role in supporting businesses nationwide and in your own community. With over 75,000 jobs supported in the United States, the production and distribution of biodiesel contribute billions of dollars to the GDP, household income, and tax revenue. Read on to discover how this fuel industry not only creates jobs but also stimulates both national and local economies.

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Mar 21, 2024 2:40:51 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Oil Heat Prepay Program FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide

Many Pennsylvania homeowners rely on oil heat to keep them warm throughout the winter. While oil heat is effective in providing comfort during the chilly months, it can also come with a hefty price tag. To alleviate the financial strain of heating your home with oil, we offer our Oil Heat Prepay Program. In this blog, we will answer some frequently asked questions about this program to help you better understand how it works and how it can benefit your household.

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Mar 19, 2024 2:44:58 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Heating With Biodiesel: Frequently Asked Questions

Most of us have heard of renewable resources such as geothermal power and solar energy, but biofuels and biodiesel are fairly new topics of conversation. Biofuels are derived from biological materials such as food crops, crop residues, forest residues, animal wastes, and landfills. One major biofuel is biodiesel -- a newer method of heating your home more efficiently. In this blog we'll cover FAQs regarding biodiesel so that you can stay informed on the latest and greatest ways to heat your home.

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Feb 23, 2024 3:21:56 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

The Future of Oil Heat: Trends and Predictions

As we continue searching for ways to transition towards more sustainable energy sources, the future of oil heat is important to consider. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the changing landscape of oil heating, focusing on the advancements in biofuels and exploring the trends that are shaping the future of this popular heating method.

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Feb 17, 2024 10:00:00 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Environmental Impact of Oil Heating: Debunking Myths and Offering Solutions

As the world grapples with the need to increase efficiency and reduce energy usage, discussions on energy sources and their environmental impact have become more prominent. One area that often faces misconceptions is the use of oil for heating. In this blog, we aim to debunk common myths surrounding the environmental impact of oil heating and explore strategies to minimize its carbon footprint.

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Feb 13, 2024 2:03:24 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Oil Heating Systems

The drop in temperature around Bucks County likely has homeowners grappling with high energy bills, particularly those reliant on oil heating systems. The good news is that there are several energy efficiency upgrades available to enhance the performance of oil heating systems, resulting in substantial savings on fuel costs over time. In this blog, we'll explore various upgrades and improvements that can transform your oil heating system into a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

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Dec 26, 2023 1:28:11 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Home Heating Oil Tank Charts: Accurately Measure Your Oil Levels

Many residential heating oil tanks come equipped with a float gauge that provides a rough estimate of the tank's fullness. However, this method is not always accurate for measuring oil levels. While the float gauge may give you a general idea of how much oil is in the tank (unless it's not working due to sludge buildup or other issues), it's not reliable for determining the exact amount of heating oil you have. In such cases, the most precise way to manually measure the oil level is by using a long, clean stick. In this blog, we will cover different tank sizes and how much oil you have based on your measuring stick.

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