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Jun 26, 2024 2:44:48 PM by Lauren Mangano - 1 comment

Your Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Unico High-Velocity HVAC Systems

Selecting the ideal heating and air conditioning system that balances comfort, noise levels, efficiency, and cost can pose a challenge. Luckily, the Unico High-Velocity HVAC system stands out as a popular choice, seamlessly combining these benefits. This comprehensive buyer's guide will walk you through the key factors and advantages of selecting a Unico system to fulfill your HVAC needs.

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Jun 1, 2024 10:00:00 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Troubleshooting Guide: Why Isn't My Window AC Unit Working?

With the onset of warm weather comes the inevitable need for cooling, and for many, a window air conditioner (AC) unit is a lifesaver. But what happens when that trusty appliance fails to do its job? A malfunctioning window AC unit can quickly turn a comfortable home into a sweltering nightmare. Before you break out into a sweat, let's delve into some common reasons why your window AC might not be working and how to troubleshoot them.

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May 24, 2024 2:00:00 PM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Summer Heat: 8 Essential Tips and Tricks

As temperatures soar during the summer months, it's important to ensure our beloved pets stay cool and comfortable. Just like humans, pets can suffer from heatstroke and dehydration, so taking the right precautions can make all the difference. In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to help keep your furry friends cool in the summer heat. From providing plenty of fresh water and shade to creating DIY frozen treats and setting up cooling mats, we'll cover all the tips and tricks to make sure your pets stay safe and happy during the hottest time of the year.

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May 17, 2024 1:00:00 PM by Lauren Mangano - 1 comment

How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor for Your Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner is on the fritz, finding the right HVAC contractor to repair it can be a daunting task. With so many options available, how do you know which one to trust with your valuable investment? From certifications to experience and customer service, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right HVAC contractor for your air conditioner repair needs. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to help you make an informed decision and ensure your comfort is in capable hands.

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Apr 29, 2024 5:00:57 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

How Weather Conditions Impact Air Conditioner Performance

As the weather heats up around Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pa., our reliance on air conditioning becomes apparent. But have you ever stopped to consider how external weather conditions can influence the performance of your air conditioning unit? From extreme temperatures to humidity levels and outdoor debris, various factors play a role in determining how effectively your AC operates. In this blog, we'll explore the impact of weather conditions on air conditioner performance and provide practical tips for optimizing efficiency.

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Apr 18, 2024 7:58:31 AM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Reduce Your Energy Bills with This Quick Air Conditioning Hack

Looking to cut down your utility bill? Try out this quick yet extremely effective hack: cleaning your air filters. As the temperature starts to climb, your central air conditioning system becomes your best friend in battling the summer heat. However, to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively, regular maintenance is key. One crucial aspect of this maintenance is cleaning your central AC filter. Here's a quick guide on changing your air filter.

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Mar 27, 2024 10:38:09 AM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

5 Tips To Get Your Home's AC Ready For Spring

As the chilly winds of winter slowly give way to the warmer breezes of spring, it's time to shift our focus from heating our homes to cooling them down. Before the scorching temperatures of summer arrive, you should take these steps to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready to keep you cool and comfortable. 

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Mar 22, 2024 9:51:51 AM by Logan Donahue - 0 comments

Battle Spring Allergies With An Air Scrubber By Aerus

As we are beating winter's chill and springing forward to warmer weather, many of us suffer from seasonal allergies. The emergence of pollen and other allergens can turn the joys of spring into a sneezing, sniffling ordeal for allergy sufferers. However, there's an air purifier that will become your best friend in the battle against spring allergies: the Aerus Air Scrubber with ActivePure Technology. 

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Mar 5, 2024 1:07:15 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

What is Indoor Air Quality?

In our fast-paced lives, we often underestimate the impact of the air we breathe indoors on our overall health. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. From homes to offices, schools, and public spaces, understanding and addressing indoor air quality is essential for our well-being.

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Feb 29, 2024 12:05:17 PM by Lauren Mangano - 0 comments

Understanding Zoning in HVAC Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

Zoning your HVAC system is an innovative and energy-efficient approach to increase comfort throughout your home or commercial space. Zoning allows for personalized climate control in different areas of a building, optimizing energy consumption and improving overall comfort. In this blog, we will explain the concept of zoning in HVAC systems and explore its benefits, components, and applications.

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