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Oct 27, 2022 3:11:24 PM by Lauren Mangano

Energy Kinetics Accel CS Condensing Boiler

The Energy Kinetics Accel CS Condensing Boiler is the world's most durable, reliable, and efficient condensing boiler with up to 97 percent AFUE. It combines heat and hot water into one to deliver quiet comfort and the highest energy efficiency. With innovative technologies such as SmartBoost, Sealix, and Hybrid Energy Recovery, an Accel CS model may be perfect for your home heating needs. Continue reading to learn some of the many features and benefits of this system.

Energy Kinetics Accel CS Condensing Boiler

Features and Benefits

Integrated system

The Accel CS is a single high-efficiency appliance that delivers both heat and hot water -- the largest energy consumers in cold-climate homes. By incorporating condensing technology in a combined system, the result is comfortable warmth and abundant bath, shower, kitchen, and laundry hot water.

Smart controls

The Condensing Energy Manager functions as the brain of the system and works to maximize heating efficiency, cut fuel bills, and integrate seamlessly with the low-mass boiler. The system quickly produces heat then searches for leftover energy and sends the remaining heat into your home or hot water storage tank. That means increased comfort and efficiency and less energy waste!
Energy Kinetics Accel CS boiler Condensing Energy Manager
condensing Energy Manager solves three typical condensing boiler issues
Most boilers are set to run hotter than needed, which causes three issues: (1) energy is wasted when the burner is running by allowing more heat to escape out the venting from the hotter temperatures; (2) maintenance is increased as condensing slows to a halt and stops flushing contaminants out of the boiler. This hurts the boiler and leads to increased service calls or even premature boiler failure; (3) when rooms reach their desired temperature and the burner turns off, heat left in the boiler and system piping is wasted.
The Accel CS solves these problems using smart controls.  ECI can install a boiler and set a low operating "temperature reset" to optimize efficiency and maximize condensing operation, which will lower fuel bills as a result. Moreover, if any room isn't heating quickly enough, the SmartBoost feature will temporarily increase the boiler's temperature to make your home warm. The third issue is solved when the Energy Manager anticipates that the rooms will soon reach the desired temperature and the burner is turned off early. The Hybrid Energy Recovery cycle then captures leftover energy and sends remaining heat into your home. 


The Accel CS outperforms all other condensing boilers when it comes to AFUE. Advanced condensing gas technology combines exceptionally low idle loss with up to 97 percent AFUE performance for the best in heat and hot water efficiency. While other condensing boilers have high idle loss that decreases annual efficiency, the Accel model adapts quickly to changing demands to delivery greater efficiency and fuel savings while making your home warm and comfortable.
In addition, the storage tank is optimized to provide more condensing and recover energy after the burner turns off. Combi boilers, on the other hand, finish hot every hot water cycle, wasting some energy. The Accel can cut up to 40 percent or more off home heating bills.READ: High-Efficiency Boiler Install in Elkins Park

Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are the most widely used way that boilers make hot water. Energy Kinetics' Accel CS plate heat exchanger delivers continuous hot water --unmatched by any combi boiler or indirect tank with coil. That means long, hot showers and even temperatures every time. Plus, there are no studs to break or gaskets to leak, and the Sealix
permanent non-stick coated surfaces prevent lime and mineral buildup for quality, long-term performance in hard water applications.

Accel CS Boiler plate heat exchanger

According to the Energy Kinetics website, conventional condensing boiler designs are flawed for hot water; older-model water tanks with coil systems are inefficient because the entire tank heats slowly. On top of that, the temperature of the system’s boiler rises above the tank’s temperature, and when the tank eventually fully heats, the boiler and piping finish hot, wasting energy on every hot water heating cycle.
On the contrary, the plate heat exchanger draws cold from the bottom of the tank and feeds hot water from the top down. "Accel CS’ oversized plate heat exchanger heats the tank with the full output of the boiler, providing more hot water for showers, tubs, and spas. It condenses at a much higher rate for nearly the entire hot water cycle for cleaner operation, longer life, and more heat from less fuel." 

Easier maintenance

The Accel CS has no studs to break or gaskets to leak, lessening the need for service calls. When you do need routine maintenance, the full-access, wide-open flue passes and water flow paths will allow for easy service. Others have flue passes so small that even a credit card is a tight fit.


You can enjoy quiet comfort with an Energy Kinetics Accel CS boiler. Their systems are as quiet as 38 decibels, making them less noisy than an open microwave. Compare that to the 62 decibels of typical boilers, which make it hard to hear a conversation. This may not seem like a big difference, but a boiler that is just one decibel higher is actually 30 percent louder and a boiler that is four decibels higher is twice as loud.
In fact, Energy Kinetics leads the industry in noise control. All models feature an air intake connection that wraps and silences burner sounds. These features are unique compared to other home heating systems.

Advanced design and engineering

By deconstructing every component of conventional condensing boilers, the engineers at Energy Kinetics were able to develop a superior design and utilize high-quality materials to create a much higher efficiency unit. When compared to other condensing, wall-hung, and combi boilers, the Accel CS is more robust, produces more hot water for longer periods of time, and has a longer lifespan. Some of the improvements in this boiler include:
  • The Accel CS has 37 specially formulated, stainless steel super turbulators that provide maximum condensate production and efficiency. These allow fully serviceable access, whereas typically condensing boilers have inaccessible flue passes which can foul and cause premature failure. 
  • The fold-down door provides easy access for homeowners and service techs.
  • The uniquely made fire-tube design is built to last with thicker materials and wide open water and flue passages. The Energy Manager delivers higher efficiency and cleaner operation which helps reduce service calls.
  • The Accel CS vessel contains over 70 pounds of high-grade, American-made 316L stainless steel throughout, whereas competitors often use low-grade materials that shorten the boiler’s life due to corrosion.
  • Low-pressure drop and open water passes contribute to enhanced heat transfer and more reliable operation with more condensing. Competitors' restrictive designs lead to premature fouling (formation of deposit) and boiler failure,
  • The advanced plate heat exchanger optimizes hot water production and allows condensate to pour out, keeping the boiler clean and saving energy. 
  • Sealix hard-water scale stopper for reliable operation (up to 25 grains of hardness) without cleaning.

Other benefits

Accel CS boilers can run on natural gas or propane and are easy to convert, plus every gas system comes with a Gas Protection Alarm. The boiler conveniently comes in both wall and floor-mount models, making for flexible installations to fit your home. It also has five-zone control and can be upgraded to 15 zones including hot water.
Energy Kinetics Accel CS gas Boiler install Philadelphia PA
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