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Aug 18, 2023 3:06:33 PM by Lauren Mangano

Energy Kinetics Resolute RT Boiler

The Energy Kinetics Resolute RT Boiler is ideal for homes with fin tube baseboards, cast iron radiators, air handlers, and unit heaters. Homeowners who install Resolute boilers enjoy economical heat and virtually endless hot showers with lower energy costs. Continue reading to learn some of the many features and benefits of this system.

Energy Kinetics Resolute RT Boiler

Features and Benefits

Integrated system

The Resolute RT is a high-efficiency appliance that delivers both heat and hot water -- the largest energy consumers in cold-climate homes. The advanced technology of a combined system results in comfortable warmth and abundant bath, shower, kitchen, and laundry hot water.

Smart controls

The Energy Manager functions as the brain of the system and works to maximize heating efficiency, cut fuel bills, and integrate seamlessly with the low-mass boiler. The system quickly produces heat then searches for leftover energy and sends the remaining heat into your home or hot water storage tank. That means increased comfort and efficiency and less energy waste!Energy Kinetics Blog

Water flow

The Energy Kinetics boiler design combines heat and hot water into one unit.
Energy Kinetics hot water tanks use a high-performance plate heat exchanger that allows the tanks to completely heat from the top down with the energy in the boiler. These tanks finish hot and fully charged, and the boiler finishes “cool” with no wasted heat.


Energy Kinetics' advanced dilution air venting system means there’s no need for an unreliable, noisy power venter. It’s proven technology that’s generations ahead of direct vent systems still used today on some boilers and furnaces. The Resolute RT can also vent up through an existing chimney with a cost-effective polypropylene chimney lining system.


The Resolute RT uses technology that cuts fuel bills up to 40 percent or more! So not only will you enjoy efficient, comfortable heating but you'll also save money on energy bills year after year.

Non-condensing equals less maintenance

The Resolute RT's pressure vessel doesn’t suffer from the corrosive condensate that limits the life of many condensing boilers. Plus, there’s no condensate trap, neutralizer, or drain required, which simplifies your installation and minimizes related service calls for years to come.

Advanced design and engineering

By deconstructing every component of conventional condensing boilers, the engineers at Energy Kinetics were able to develop a superior design and utilize high-quality materials to create a much higher efficiency unit. When compared to other wall-hung and combi boilers, the Resolute RT is more robust, produces more hot water for longer periods of time, and has a longer lifespan. Some of the improvements in this boiler include:
  • The energy converter is a proven 30-year spiral design for the highest efficiency. There are no sections or pins to foul, clean, or leak.
  • Removable stainless steel alloy combustion chamber for clean burning operation (Resolute RT only).
  • 13-foot flue passage boosts efficiency.
  • Hefty two-inch-thick insulation wrap for high efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Swing-down door for easy access during service and maintenance.
  • Advanced plate heat exchanger draws water from the bottom of the tank and feeds hot water from the top down. This delivers efficiency through the entire hot water cycle.
  • Air elimination for quiet operation.
  • Hard water? Add a scale stopper for reliable operation (up to 25 grains of hardness) without cleaning!

Other benefits

Resolute RT boilers are easily piped to multiple zones with five-zone control including hot water. In addition, a gas protection alarm is included with every gas boiler system. Energy Kinetics boilers are also proudly made in the USA.
ECI Comfort can help you evaluate the best system for your home to deliver the most comfort and energy savings.Contact ECI Comfort

If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.

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