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Mar 10, 2023 1:58:33 PM by Lauren Mangano

Bracketology Report: How the Voting in the Conference Tournaments Impacts the Final March Sadness Tournament

Welcome to ECI's March Sadness Bracketology Report. Whether our teams are looking for a new furnace, air conditioner, or ductless heat pump, everyone had the same goal in mind: get enough votes to earn a higher seed and get a better chance at winning the whole tournament. The competition is in full swing, and teams across every tournament are vying for a top spot in an effort to win a brand-new HVAC unit.
The big day is almost here - it's time for Selection Sunday! We'll review how voting in the five Conference Tournaments will likely affect each team's Seed Numbers in the final March Sadness Tournament. Following several weeks of gameplay, it shouldn't be difficult to tell who worked the hardest to get a better seed selection and therefore a better chance at winning the title --- AKA a brand new HVAC system worth up to $20,000.
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Let's take a look at how the teams across the five Conference Tournaments have fared. You can also review some of the entries in the videos below:
Continue reading below to learn some of the teams' stats. Visit the polls here:

Who are the projected No. 1 seeds from these tournaments?

As of Friday, March 10th, we have some clear top teams that are projected to be selected as No. 1 seeds. Out of Conference Tournament 2, we have Team Bye Bye Bessy with 88 votes. Their old, rusted boiler may not be working well anymore, but this team worked hard to get votes! The boiler is a fire hazard and emits a strong odor, so Team Bye Bye Bessy is ready for a win. From the same tournament, we have Team 1st House And Broke with 81 votes. They compromised a nice new house for an old HVAC system, and boy are they feeling the heat (or should we say not feeling the heat). It's clear that these tournament members have been working hard to rally their fans and make their way to the top!
Following their lead, we have Team No More Heat Stroke Seizures from Conference Tournament 3 with 49 votes. This team has more than double the votes of the team in second place in their tournament. Next, we have Team Never Comfortable from Conference Tournament 4 with 43 votes.
Unless the other teams across the five tournaments can step up their game, it looks like they won't be earning top spots. That said, even if a team gets a lower seed, they still have a chance of advancing far and even winning the tournament! Anything can happen, hence why they call it March Madness.

Which teams have the possibility of improving their ranking?

Team Sleepless In Summer from Conference Tournament 1 has 42 votes -- only one vote behind Team Never Comfortable. If this team can muster up some more fan support, they definitely have a chance of moving into a top spot. Also from Tournament 1, Team Baby Fever has 27 votes. Can they finish the tournament with an upset and move to the number one spot? Time's running out but anything is possible!
Team Very Vintage from Conference Tournament 2 is close behind with 21 votes and Team Hand Me Down From The 1800s from Tournament 5 has 14. We know these games are tiring, but that's what fan bases are for!

Of the struggling teams, which losses might be most damaging? 

Team Aged Out AC of Conference Tournament 2 is having a bad season with only 2 votes. Their 23-year-old air conditioner is corroded and doesn't work well; but unfortunately, it doesn't look like they have much support. Team Time To Upgrade from Tournament 1 is also struggling with only 2 votes. With an HVAC system that's over 50 years old, they'll want to get as many more votes as possible. Yes, only one day is left, but the squeaky shoe gets the trophy! (That's the saying, right?) 
Team Want My Window Back from Conference Tournament 4 is on the bubble with 0 votes. This team has no AC at all besides one old, sad window unit. They want ductless, but they're gonna need at least a few votes to get there!
Team Out With The Old, Team Prehistoric, Team SOS, Team No AC, Team Shameful System, Team Wood Like A New System, and Team Old And Not Cold all have varying numbers of votes, but none are projected to be No. 1 or No. 2 seeds right now. Can any of them make a comeback? Is their fate sealed? Will they receive lower seed selections but pull out some upsets? Only time will tell...
While votes are important, it's really anyone's game! Ultimately, our well-trained Selection Committee will determine seed placements based on multiple factors. 
Once we reach out with seed selections, fate will be left up to the real NCAA March Madness games. Each team in our tournament will get assigned seed numbers and will receive multiple corresponding teams from the NCAA. Teams with more votes will get higher seed selections and so on. After you get your teams, you can root them on as you watch the games and hope for a win! You will not be eliminated from our tournament until all of your corresponding teams lose in the March Madness tournament.

Learn more about our March Sadness Giveaway and how it works, and view stories of last year's winners:
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