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Dec 7, 2022 12:16:16 PM by Lauren Mangano

Google Nest Protect: Features & Benefits

Know more, worry less with Google Nest Protect. This advanced smoke alarm looks for fast-burning fires, slow, smoldering fires, and invisible carbon monoxide, then speaks up to tell you what the problem is and where it is. It can also give you a friendly Heads-Up before it has to sound the alarm, and allows you to hush it with your phone. 
In case you’re not home, Google Nest Protect alerts your phone when the alarm goes off or the batteries run low. It also gives you peace of mind by testing itself over 400 times a day. And it looks after your family for up to 10 years.Nest Protect in Home

Features and Benefits

Split-Spectrum Sensor

The material used in much of today’s furniture makes fires burn faster. According to Underwriters Laboratories, it would take about 30 minutes for a fire to take over a room in the 1970s. Today, it can take less than five.
That's why Google has kept its technology up-to-date. The Split‑Spectrum Sensor uses two wavelengths of light to detect smoke from both fast-burning and smoldering fires.

Connects to a phone

Nest Protect Phone Alert in Nest AppYou may not always be near an alarm system, but you likely always have your phone on you. Using the Nest app, Nest Protect sends an alert to your phone when something’s wrong at home or when the batteries run low. So even if you aren't at home, you'll stay in the know. 

Tells you what and where

Nest Protect uses a friendly voice to give you an early warning or Heads-Up when it senses a problem; that way you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster. Plus, you can use the phone to hush the alert once the problem is taken care of rather than running around trying to quiet it down.
The alarm system tells you exactly where the danger is so that you can react quickly. With Nest Protect's easy-to-understand alerts, like "there's carbon monoxide in the living room", you don't need to waste time checking each room to find out where.

Peace of mind

You're supposed to test smoke alarms monthly, but 9 out of 10 people don't. Your Nest Protect checks the batteries and sensors every 200 seconds and shows you everything’s working with a quick green glow when you turn off the lights. That means no more annoying chirping when a battery is low. It also uses Sound Check to quietly test its speaker and horn every month. Moreover, the carbon monoxide sensor is the most accurate type on the market, ensuring that it detects the poisonous gas even though you can't see or smell it. 
Plus, you can enjoy an extended 5-year warranty when purchasing through a Nest Pro Contractor, like ECI Comfort.

Additional benefits

Nest Protect helps you in every way possible, including lighting a path as you walk underneath it at night. Since Pathlight is a customer favorite, Nest has continuously worked to make it better and brighter. 
This advanced protection system can also differentiate between smoke and steam using Steam Check. By using custom algorithms and a humidity sensor, you can enjoy a quiet shower without the alarm going off.
Lastly, the Nest Protect uses a colored light ring to communicate in addition to its voice. The Nightly Promise, or green light, lets you know the sensors and batteries are operating properly while the Pathlight, or white light, helps you see when you walk under it at night. Your Nest Protect will light up yellow during a Heads-Up warning and will light up red during an Emergency.

Contact ECI Comfort

If you would like to find out more about the Nest Protect or have one installed in your home, contact ECI by clicking the button above or calling 215-245-3200.

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