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Jun 17, 2021 1:54:32 PM by Brian Kinkade

Runtal Radiator: What the $#%@ is That?

What is a runtal radiator

If you own an older home and are a HVAC novice, you may wonder what Runtal radiators are......In this article, we are here to let you know!

What/Who is Runtal?

Runtal radiators are the up and coming way to replace those old, intrusive cast iron radiators and distribute heat more efficiently throughout your home. These new-age radiators are sweeping the industry due to their high efficiency and modern design that saves you floor space and doesn't disturb the aesthetics of your home.
Leaving those old cast iron radiators in the rearview, Runtals are designed to deliver you heat faster while using less water, thus saving energy. Design and performance is unmatched as they have a complete line of unique Hydronic (hot water), electric, and steam systems. 
Runtal Radiators' goal is to combine design with functionality. The company distributes commercial and residential radiator systems bringing European style to your home. Their structure is designed to give you back the floor and storage space of your home that is cluttered with bulky cast iron models. Runtal even makes special made-to-order designs and can be piped eight different ways to ensure that they will fit your home perfectly.

What options does Runtal offer?

Runtal radiator is sleek and compact
Runtal Radiators offers a variety of systems such as Hydronic (Hot Water), Electric, and Steam. Runtal provides a selection of placements for your home like baseboard, wall panels, or even specialty made-to-order units to perfectly fit the space and atmosphere of your home.
The radiators welded steel construction helps emit heat faster and more efficiently as it doesn't take as much time or water to reach the desired temperature. The steel construction also helps them cool down faster allowing for better temperature fluctuation.
Hydronic (Hot Water)
These radiators operate on a closed-loop hydronic heating system. This means after the water is heated from the boiler and used, it is recirculated back to the boiler. This helps the boiler and radiator run at a higher efficiency, providing a blanket of warmth throughout your home. These units also run quietly with no crackling like those old cast iron radiators. The different sizes and styles make them adaptable for any room in your living space.
Runtal also features a series of electric radiators. The electric options are made up of the same welded steel as the hydronic models and come in different voltages. The electric model offers clean electric heat solutions in baseboard, wall panel, or towel radiators to fit the space and functionality of your home.
Steam radiators are available for one and two pipe systems. Whether you want to replace your current radiators or add a new system, steam radiators can do the trick. By using a boiler to turn water to steam, these systems then circulate the steam through the pipes to heat the home. As the steam cools, it condenses back to water and returns to the boiler to be recirculated. The radiators' steel construction ensures efficiency and longevity as it guards against corrosion.

Runtal radiators are energy efficient

Runtal Radiators are a green solution

As the world's energy supply is turning green, so are heating solutions. Focusing on renewable energy and efficiency, Runtal offers options to produce clean and green energy in your home. By installing a Runtal Radiator system, you are heating your home while remaining eco-friendly. The electric series radiators can be heated exclusively with clean energy, turning away from natural gas or propane. They also eliminate the need for combustible fuel to help eliminate dirty air and allergen circulation. If you want to have reliable heat in your home and keep the environment safe, Runtal Radiators is the answer.

Why Runtal is best for heating your home?

Runtal provides unlimited options and styles to fit all types of homes. Their main focus is design functionality with efficient comfort. Getting the most from your space is always a priority for homeowners and that exactly what Runtal provides in comparison to traditional cast iron models. Though there is no easy answer, ECI can provide you with a free in-home consultation, in which we can examine your existing system and make recommendations of what we think suits your home and family's needs.
See What Benefits Runtal Has To Offer!

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