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May 6, 2021 3:33:29 PM by Lauren Mangano

Why the Unico High Velocity System is Ideal for Older Homes

The Unico High Velocity System can be installed in any home to provide maximum comfort. Find out what the benefits of the system are and why it's especially great for older homes.

What is the Unico Air Conditioning System?

The Unico System is a small duct, high velocity (SDHV) system that offers superior, draft-free comfort in any type of home. However, it is especially great for older homes, stone homes, and rowhomes without room for traditional ductwork. It also works well with new construction due to the flexible installation process.
Unico's mission is to provide you with comfort, value, and preservation of the architectural integrity of your home -- an important aspect in older/historic homes. 

How it works

The system consists of three main parts: vents, supply tubing, and an air handler. The vents are small and come in many color and material options. The tubing is only about two inches in diameter and factory insulated for thermal efficiency. It is sealed very well to result in less leakage, too. The air handler is available in five sizes and three different models.

Unico system

Benefits of a Unico System

The advantages of a Unico High Velocity System are endless. This type of system provides immense comfort, has an easy installation process, and is extremely efficient.

Comparison to other systems

Traditional central air systems are more affordable but also significantly less efficient. They also require more space for installation.
Ductless systems, like those by Carrier or Mitsubishi, are the easiest to install without any ductwork. They're also great for zoning and the most efficient.
High velocity systems are very efficient as well. They can fit anywhere, go in any type of home, and be tucked away out of sight. They also have the best overall value

Higher comfort

The process of aspiration in a Unico system produces a more even temperature distribution. This means that the temperature differential throughout the house will never be more than two degrees. No more feeling warm in one area and cool in another.
Unico systems are draft-free. The air leaves the vent and circulates throughout the room rather than being dumped out into one spot like it does in a traditional system.
High-velocity systems have incredible humidity control. The Unico system removes up to 30 percent more humidity than conventional systems. This means you can keep your thermostat lower and therefore save energy and money. 
The Unico system is also whisper-quiet. You'll hardly notice it even if you are standing right below a vent!READ: HVAC Myth-Busting: Are High Velocity Systems Noisy?

Size and installation

The sound attenuating supply ducts are only about two to two point five inches in diameter and can be easily hidden by running them through ceilings, walls, and closets. Traditional ductwork is four times bigger!
The vents are also small, about three inches wide, and can be placed against doors and walls to keep them out of sight. They can also be altered to match the material on floors, walls, and ceilings. Take a look at this beautiful ceiling medallion surrounded by more detailing. You can barely notice the vents in the center of each square!
ceiling medallion

High velocity Southampton PAEfficiency

A conventional system can have about 30 to 40 percent duct leakage, making it far less efficient. The air mixture and return in each room is also much better with a high velocity system.
Additionally, Unico system ducts are easier to seal and therefore have less leakage, which means less wasted energy. Overall, a Unico High Velocity system has better efficiency and lower costs than a traditional system.

Why the Unico System is Perfect for Old Homes

As mentioned, this type of system can work in any home; but it's characteristics make it especially great for older homes. 

The system's small components allows for the tubes to be passed through hidden spots. So if you live in an older home with no ductwork but do not want to change the look by adding ductless mini-splits to the walls, you should definitely opt for a high-velocity system.
READ: Using a High-Velocity System to Keep the Trinity Charm
The small vents that are able to be altered help maintain the home's historical charm and overall aesthetic, too. No bulky ductwork that requires soffits or bump-outs is needed.

A Unico High Velocity system could be the perfect fit for your home, old or new, and ECI Comfort can install it for you.
We have tons of experience installing Unico systems in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would love for your home to be our next project. Interested in a Unico system? Click the button below to request a free consultation or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200.
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