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Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

This billion-dollar climate and health care bill aims to reduce emissions, invest in climate protection, and offer eligible homeowners money-saving incentives for "greener" home appliances and systems. If you're looking to upgrade your HVAC system, now's the time to get started. Learn more about installing a new heat pump, ductless heat pump, central AC system, furnace, boiler, or other efficient system.

*Please note that all details come from the state level. We will keep this website up to date as we continue to learn more information!

Read a Detailed Summary of the IRA

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IRA Tax Credits Key Takeaways


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IRA Rebates Key Takeaways


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Learn More About Different Energy-Efficient Systems that May Qualify

Mitsubishi Electric & Trane Ductless Heat Pumps
Ready for a new, super-efficient system? Combine heating & cooling without the hassle with Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Ductless Heat Pumps. A heat pump can replace your heater & AC and provide a whole-home comfort solution. And with new IRA rebates and tax credits, you can save even more on energy costs.
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Why Trane/Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Ductless FS Living Room (1)


Heat Pump — XV20i — Trane


Mitsubishi Electric & Trane Standard Heat Pumps
Want to connect a heat pump to your home's ductwork and get standard, central air? ECI can install a heat pump to replace your existing heater and air conditioner. The difference? You'll have two systems in one and much higher efficiency. Efficiency plus rebates and tax credits means more savings on your energy bill!
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Heat Pump Blog
Energy Kinetics Oil Boilers
Gone are the days of inefficient oil heating systems. Since 2012  most states use Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil, a type of heating oil that has had all of its particulate emissions virtually eliminated. With the removal of the sulfur content (the primary source of particulates and fouling), heating oil now burns as cleanly as natural gas. Upgrade your old oil boiler with a highly-efficient, advanced system from Energy Kinetics -- and save money through the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) at the same time!
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Learn More About Rebates From NORA




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