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Price Match Guarantee from ECI Comfort

With our Price Match Guarantee, you don't have to settle for less. You can be confident that you are choosing the best contractor while still paying a fair price.

How does it work?


When receiving a price match from ECI Comfort, it must be what we like to call an apples-to-apples comparison. The proposal you receive with the lower price must have:
  • The name of the company
  • The same product(s) and model(s)
  • The same scope of work
  • Similar warranties and protections
  • The same payment terms
  • Must come from a similarly structured company
This offer is only good for one price match per proposal. In other words, once we match the price for you, we cannot go back and forth with the company in question. 
Cancellation Policy
If the other proposal in question holds to all of these terms listed above and we still feel that we cannot match the price, we promise to provide you with a $200 check from our General Manager as a thank you for your time and patience - in addition to a full reimbursement of your deposit. *Must provide a receipt or paid invoice from the contractor you end up choosing.
If you put down a deposit for an installation with ECI Comfort and then decide to go with another company, we promise to fully reimburse your deposit. We will fully reimburse you if you change your mind for any reason or no reason at all up to 24 hours before your installation date.
While we generally require a minimum of 24 hour notice, we ask for as much notice as possible, especially for installations spanning more than one day.

why Choose eCI?


So, why should you choose ECI? Due to our 30+ years of experience, you will be provided with superior craftsmanship, superior design and installation, and technical excellence. This means you can be confident in your home’s HVAC system following the completed work and for years to come. Plus, we promise prompt service down the road should you need us for any other work. Not only this, but we offer extended warranties and guarantees, ensuring that you have peace of mind and less to worry about in the event that there are issues with the system. Last but not least, ECI does not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. We make sure the services and installations that we perform are tailored to your specific needs and your home so that you are always receiving the best outcome.
What else separates us from other contractors?
  • We fill out and register all the information for warranties. You don't have to worry about a thing.
  • We apply for all PECO rebate for you.
  • We ensure a 5-star process.
  • We conduct a pre-install walkthrough to ensure every detail is correct.
  • We calculate the heat load for your home.