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We think the easiest way to tell you what we do is to show you what we do. Serving the greater Philadelphia area, we've done installations from Old City to Elkins Park, Trenton to Yardley, and have served Delaware Vallley homeowners for over twenty years.

So, find a home or a neighborhood that looks like yours and see how we helped the homeowner with their home comfort problems. If you don't see your neighborhood or your type of home here, please click here to let us know where you live and we'll see if we have a story near you.

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Heating and air conditioning for Lower Bucks and the Greater Philadelphia area

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From Tudors to Colonials to split-level homes and more, we've installed heating and air conditioning in all types of single family homes, condos, townhomes and apartments in and around the Philadelphia area.

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May 21, 2019 8:56:34 AM by Ron Musser - 0 comments

High Velocity Air Conditioning Beats The Heat In Bordentown, NJ

Problem: Lauren Mitchel's Cape Cod-style home in Bordentown, NJ was beautifully maintained but always too hot in the summer. The home didn't have ductwork , and for years she used window air conditioners rather than overhaul the look and feel of her old home. But, those units were loud, expensive and required a lot of upkeep. 

Solution: Installed a UNICO high velocity air conditioning system. This system treats the entire home without ductwork or any renovations. 

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May 21, 2019 8:50:16 AM by Ron Musser - 0 comments

High Velocity Air Conditioning Cools Historic Mt. Airy Home

Problem: Classical guitarist Allen Krantz and his wife Susan love their historic Mt. Airy home. But, they struggled to stay cool in the summer. Window air conditioners were too loud, too expensive, and didn't always get the job done. Allen's fingers would literally stick to his guitar sometimes when he practiced. 

Solution: Installed a UNICO high velocity system throughout the home. Now, each room is as cool as the Krantzes want them.  And, they didn't have to add ductwork or change the look and feel of the home. Plus, the system is whisper-quiet, so Allen can hear every note he plays. 

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Feb 26, 2018 3:29:45 PM by Dan Kelly - 0 comments

Air Conditioning and More For The Second Floor in Bristol, PA

Problem: Having recently moved into this Bristol home with no air conditioning, the homeowner was looking for an affordable way to cool the second floor's 2 bedrooms; 600 square feet with no ductwork. 

Solution: Our technicians installed a Mitsubishi air handler in the attic with short ducted runs to outlets in the bedrooms and bathrooms. And, as a bonus, it also provides supplemental heating.

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Feb 26, 2018 3:21:51 PM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Abington Colonial Needs a New Boiler

Problem: Customer had a twenty-five year old boiler with a bad gas valve. Replacement was expensive, and they decided rather than sink the money into a pricey repair in the old unit, investing in a new boiler would be a wiser long-term investment in their comfort and safety.

Solution: ECI installed a newer version of their Burnham boiler, a series-3 Model #306 gas boiler with electronic ignition. This new boiler will save on fuel by not wasting it running a pilot light constantly, and is more efficient than the older boiler. The new control packages can save between 15 and 20% in fuel costs.

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Feb 26, 2018 3:06:28 PM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Bensalem Ranch Needs a New Boiler

Problem: Customer had an old boiler that was leaking and needed replacement.  The Weil-McLain cast iron, three section boiler with a tankless coil had developed a leak, and they called ECI, who also provides their home oil service, to recommend a replacement boiler that would be cost-effective and could be put in as soon as possible.

Solution: ECI recommended a Burnham cast iron boiler with a domestic tankless coil, based on its economical pricepoint and the availability of installation  immediately.

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Feb 26, 2018 2:51:08 PM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Gorgeous Gladwyne Home Upgrades their System

Problem: Customer had an old boiler that needed replacing and they were always running out of hot water, making doing the wash and taking a shower at the same time a real difficulty!

Solution: A new Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler that also acts as a tankless hot water system, delivering not only great heating throughout the home but virtually unlimited hot water at the same time!

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Feb 26, 2018 10:04:21 AM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Media Home Needs Boiler Repair

Problem: Customer had an eight year old oil boiler, and another company was recommending replacement. The homeowner called ECI for a second opinion, as we saved them from undue costs with a previous issue.

Solution: ECI contacted the company, and were able to replace the boiler under rebate warranty, as well as obtain an $850 rebate for the homeowner. We were able to do a complete replacement of the unit with a newer version rapidly and cost-effectively, saving them significant costs over recommendations from other companies.

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Jan 19, 2018 12:26:14 PM by Dan Kelly - 0 comments

Replacing a Furnace with a Cracked Heat Exchanger in Morrisville

Problem - The homeowner had a 13 year old gas furnace that developed a crack in the heat exchanger causing carbon monoxide to escape into the house and set off detectors.

Solution - We replaced the heater with the cracked heat exchanger with a new Amana gas furnace that features a two-stage variable speed motor and comes with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. 

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Dec 5, 2017 2:17:27 PM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Upgrading a High Velocity System in Rockledge

Problem- The homeowners had a SpacePak high velocity system to heat and cool their home, but the hydrocoil developed a leak, leaving them without heat when they needed it most! The system was out of warranty, and they needed to decide whether it was time to replace the system or undergo a costly repair.

Solution- We added a new Unico high-velocity air handler and hydrocoil, with Unico's 15 year warranty, giving the owner's peace of mind and reliability for years to come. 

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Sep 20, 2017 9:16:58 AM by Whitney Hoffman - 0 comments

Northern Liberties Condo Needs a New Furnace

Problem: The homeowners were having probrlems with their heat, and on inspection the old Lennox Gas Furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.

Solution: We replaced the old system with a new 80% efficiency Carrier Gas furnace and added a new gas water heater.


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