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Jun 11, 2024 9:00:00 AM by Logan Donahue

Ecobee Introduces Automatic Energy-Saving Feature to Prevent Power Outages

Smart home company Ecobee has unveiled a new feature for its thermostats designed to automatically adjust temperatures to conserve energy and reduce the risk of power outages. Unlike some utility energy-saving programs, Ecobee customers can always opt out of this feature.

Electricity demand can spike suddenly, often due to people increasing their air conditioning during heatwaves, which can lead to power outages. Utilities typically combat this with programs that encourage customers to conserve energy during peak demand times by adjusting their thermostats.


Small Actions, Big Impact on the Grid

Ecobee’s latest update offers a similar solution for residents in areas without such programs or for those who choose not to participate in them. This update enhances Ecobee’s Eco Plus Community Energy Savings feature, responding to emergency event alerts from North American grid operators.
When a potential blackout due to an energy shortage is detected, customers will receive a notification on their Ecobee smart thermostat and mobile app. The thermostat will then adjust the temperature slightly, between one and four degrees, for no more than four hours. This feature is aimed at customers not enrolled in a similar utility program.
The concept is that many homes making small adjustments can collectively have a significant impact on the grid, helping to smooth out demand peaks and prevent power outages. This demand response strategy is intended to make power grids more resilient to increasingly extreme weather.

Opt-Out Flexibility

A smartphone notification from Ecobee warning customers of a potential power outage. In contrast, customers enrolled in their utility’s energy-saving program might not always have this option. During severe energy shortages, some utilities override smart thermostats’ controls. Ecobee’s new feature aims to empower customers with more control over their energy use while contributing to grid stability and resilience.
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