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Oct 26, 2022 1:38:42 PM by Lauren Mangano

Energy Kinetics Ascent Combi Boiler

The Energy Kinetics Ascent Combi Boiler combines heat and hot water into one to deliver quiet comfort and energy efficiency. Not only does the Ascent Combi boiler cut fuel bills up to 20 percent, but its competitive price makes the decision to upgrade an easy one. Continue reading to learn some of the many features and benefits of this system.

Energy Kinetics Ascent Combi boiler

Features and Benefits

Smart controls

The Ascent Hydrosstat allows you to adjust settings to match your personal preferences. You can even select a Smart Learning Mode for on-demand operation. The Hydrostat learns your weekly routine and is ready when you typically need hot water. Smart Learning, along with other features like Plate Warning and Thermal Targeting, work together to lower fuel usage and save money on energy bills.


Speaking of energy savings, the Ascent Combi boiler can cut up to 20 percent off tankless coil boiler fuel bills. Depending on fuel type, the Ascent model can reach up to 87 percent AFUE. Below you can see infrafred images from Energy Kinetics that show a typical tankless coil oil boiler wasting heat through a glowing hot burner door, compared to the well-insulated and quiet design of the Ascent Combi oil boiler that effectively captures heat and sends it to your home. 
Energy Kinetics Ascent Combi boiler efficiencyPlate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are the most widely used way that boilers make hot water. Energy Kinetics' plate heat exchanger delivers continuous hot water for average-demand households. That means long, hot showers and even temperatures every time. For above-average hot water use and maximum efficiency, see the System 2000® Frontier boiler.
Plus, there are no studs to break or gaskets to leak, and the Sealix
permanent non-stick coated surfaces prevent lime and mineral buildup for quality, long-term performance in hard water applications.

Advanced design and engineering

By deconstructing every component of conventional tankless coil boilers, the engineers at Energy Kinetics were able to develop a superior design and utilize high-quality materials to create a much higher efficiency unit. When compared to other combi boilers, the Ascent Combi is more robust, produces more hot water for longer periods of time, and has a longer lifespan. According to their website, some of the improvements in this boiler include:
  • The Ascent Hydrostat smart control for home comfort
  • The energy converter is a proven 30-year spiral design for the highest efficiency. There are no sections or pins to foul, clean, or leak.
  • Removable stainless steel alloy combustion chamber for clean-burning operation.
  • A swing-down door for easy access.
  • Air elimination for quiet operation.
  • Flow switch for fast hot water response.
  • 13-foot flue passage boosts efficiency.
  • Hefty 2-inch thick insulation wrap for high efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Advanced plate heat exchanger.
  • Option for a hard-water scale stopper for reliable operation (up to 25 grains of hardness) without cleaning.

Whisper-quiet operation

When combining the optional silent burner cover with the spiral boiler design, the Ascent Combi is quieter than an open microwave. Other boilers are 30 times noisier, but the Ascent will provide whisper-quiet operation as it delivers efficient heat and hot water.

Easier maintenance

Without a typical tankless coil to clog, corrode, or cause early boiler failure, there is a much lower chance the Ascent will need service. There are also no cast iron sections to fail. The boiler will be easier to clean and inspect during annual tune-ups for the same reasons.

Other benefits

Ascent Combi boilers run on oil heat, natural gas, propane, or bioheat (B5) fuels, and a simple burner change allows the homeowner to easily switch fuel sources in the future. In addition, the Ascent Combi boiler is offered at a competitive first installed cost. 

Ascent Combi Versus Ascent Plus Combi

Both the Ascent Combi and Ascent Plus Combi are energy-efficient boilers that combine heat and hot water in one. Both boilers operate more quietly and efficiently than standard tankless coil boilers, and both run at comparable prices. However there are differences mainly when it comes to venting and efficiency.


The Ascent Combi model can be connected to your existing masonry-lined or stainless steel-lined chimney, but cannot work with polypropylene venting. The Ascent Plus boiler has a much lower venting temperature due to its enhanced boiler design which allows chimney or sidewall venting with polypropylene (a high-quality plastic venting material). This can save $1500 to $3000 in chimney costs if a conventional chimney is failing and needs an expensive stainless steel liner. Plus, Energy Kinetics' advanced dilution air system means there’s no need for an unreliable, noisy power venter.


The Ascent Plus has a flue passage that's 40 percent longer than the 13-foot flue pass on the Ascent. This extracts even more heat from combustion which can cut fuel bills up to five percent more than the Ascent Combi. 

Other considerations

If you currently have a hot water tank, Energy Kinetics recommends one of their systems with a tank. This includes the Resolute, the System 2000, and the Accel CS. ECI Comfort can help you evaluate the best system for your home to deliver the most comfort and energy savings.Contact ECI Comfort

If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.

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