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Jun 28, 2023 1:54:17 PM by Logan Donahue

Mitsubishi Electric FH Remote: How To Navigate the Functions and Settings

Did you finally upgrade to the comfort and efficiency of ductless heating and air conditioning, but you're not sure how to program the thermostat? ECI Comfort is here to help! We'll explain how to navigate the functions and settings of your Mitsubishi Electric FH Remote. Jeremy from ECI will also show you how to use the remote in our video at the end.
Here is your button-by-button guide to mastering the Mitsubishi Electric FH remote for your ductless mini-split system!
Mitsubishi FH remote
  1. Power button: Use this button to power on and off your system
  2. Adjust temperature: Use these two buttons to adjust the temperature to your desired comfort
  3. Mode: Has four settings (heating, cooling, dry mode, and auto). The automatic mode will take control of the system and keep it at its desired temperature and kick back on when necessary. 
  4. Fan: Three settings include low, medium, high, or auto mode. Auto mode is recommended because it will ramp up desired temperatures when necessary and keep your energy bills low while maintaining comfort. 
  5. Vane: Use this button to lock in the vane at different positions so it is not blowing on you. Use the left, right, and wide vane buttons to  direct airflow. The vane button also has a swing mode and auto mode where it will blow in different directions. 
  6. Indirect/Direct Button: If you hit direct, the unit will blow air directly at you. If you choose indirect, it will blow the air in several directions that are not directly on you. 
  7. Econo Cool: This feature will run the fan so it will feel cooler in your home at a warmer temperature. It uses your fan to move air back and forth so it feels like a summer breeze.
  8. Powerful: If you come home and your house is 80 degrees, you can use this button to have your system run at 100% for two hours to cool down the temperature of your home faster. 
  9. Smart Set: Use this feature to save all the changes you enjoy on your remote. If someone changes a setting on your mini-split, you can use this button to change it back to just how you like it. 
  10. Natural Flow: As time passes, airflow will become more like natural wind. The continuously gentle breeze provides enhanced comfort.
  11. Weekly Timer: Use this button to start to create a weekly timer for your desired temperatures throughout each day depending on your own schedule. If you want to delete this 
  12. Set Weekly Timer: Use this button to set weekly timers that work around your schedule. It works on a seven day schedule, and holds up to four temperature changes a day. While creating these settings, use the (Set) edit button. For example, you can have a different temperatures prescheduled for each of these times everyday: when you wake up, when you are at work, when you come home from work, and when you go to bed. When you are done making your settings, press the send button. 
  13. Timer: Use this button to make settings on what time you want your system to turn off and on. 
  14. Change Batteries: Take the front cover off and replace the two AA batteries. To reset the time, use the time button and adjust the hour and minute using the timer buttons in the bottom right corner. This demonstration can be seen in the video below.
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