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Jun 22, 2021 11:35:36 AM by Lauren Mangano

Indoor Air Quality From Trane

Your HVAC system may be providing you with top-notch heating and cooling, but what about indoor air quality?
Indoor air quality, or IAQ, is more important than you think. The average American spends almost 90 percent of their life indoors and, most of the time, the air in your home is far more contaminated than outside.
That's where IAQ products from Trane come in. Trane has many products that work to make the air in your home cleaner and more comfortable, from their CleanEffects™ whole-home air purifier, to their humidity control products that even help alleviate allergy symptoms. 

Air Purification

Trane's air purification products, including whole home air cleaners as well as filters, work their hardest to reduce airborne pollutants and improve IAQ.

CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner

What makes it unique
Standard air cleaners have filters that stop the dust by trapping it in a slightly porous filter. The fewer the pores, the more dust it can trap. However, this not only stops the dust and dirt, but it stops the air from moving as well. This causes a lower level of comfort within the home in addition to the air being cleaned less efficiently.
This drop in airflow is called pressure drop. The revolutionary Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner has the lowest pressure drop with the highest efficiency possible. Trane also deems this their most effective system.
Particles like dust, smoke and bacteria are often .3 microns or less. At that size, allergens can get deep into your lungs because they aren’t filtered well by your nose and throat. An effective Trane air cleaner, such as Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner, can reduce the presence of potential asthma and allergy attack triggers in your home, like dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, most tobacco smoke, cooking grease, and even bacteria. While you can't stop things like dust from forming, you can stop it spreading. A dirty HVAC system spreads dust father than anything else, and a CleanEffects™ system can solve this issue.
How does it work
The CleanEffects™ Air System works in three steps. First, the Pre-filter traps the large particles. Second, the remaining particles receive a positive charge as they pass through the Corona Field Charger. Third, the positively charged contaminants are attracted to the oppositely charge Collection Cells and trapped inside.Trane CleanEffects whole home air purification system how it works
This whole-home system provides a multitude of benefits. Most notably is its industry-leading clean air delivery rate, or CADR. CADR measures an air cleaner's effectiveness based on room space and the volume of clean air produced per minute. It shows how well the most common indoor air pollutants are removed from the air you breathe. Check out the chart below to see how CleanEffect's CADR measures up against other systems.Trane CleanEffects whole home air purification system CADR chart
The system also removes up to 99.98% of particles and allergens from your filtered indoor air. It removes particles as small as .1 microns – 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair – a size that gets through most air cleaners.
Additional benefits include: whisper-quiet operation, easy to clean filters, Asthma & allergy friendly™ Certified, and low maintenance costs with no replacement filters to buy.

Other purification systems

Other purification products from Trane include the SlimFit Filter Rack and the QuikBox™ Media Cabinet (deemed best value by Trane). The QuikBox™ filter is up to 20 times more effective than standard filters, comes in a variety of sizes, and is easy to replace.


Trane's ventilators work to deliver fresh air while removing stale air inside in the home. The Energy Recovery Ventilator retains heat and moisture from exchanged air in winter, but pre-conditions and dehumidifies incoming air in summer. The Inline Ventilator works to manage the humidity and temperatures allowed to enter the home.

Humidity Control

Trane's humidifiers and dehumidifiers add total home humidity control, whether you're looking to remove moisture or stop dryness.
Steam Humidifiers provide the correct amount of indoor moisture in all types of climates and operate independent of the heating system.
Power Humidifiers and Bypass Filters provide the correct amount of moisture and can help alleviate allergy symptoms and dryness when paired with CleanEffects. They also adjust from summer to winter to create year-round comfort.
Ventilating Dehumidifiers have a small footprint that allow for flexible installation, are ENERGY STAR rated, and ideal for humid climates.
Finally, Whole Home Dehumidifiers are perfect for homes with HVAC equipment that may not solve high indoor humidity conditions.

If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to upgrade the air in your home to help you live happier and healthier, click the button below, visit our website, or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.
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