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Dec 15, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Logan Donahue

Smart Thermostats: Our Top Picks For 2024

Are you in the market for a new thermostat for your HVAC system? Look no further! Our team of HVAC professionals has compiled a list of the top three thermostats of 2024 to help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, we will provide you with detailed information about each of these thermostats:  Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, Trane ComfortLink II XL850, and the Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat. Read on to discover which thermostat is the perfect fit for your home. 

Top Thermostats of 2024 According to Our Comfort Specialist Team

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

The Ecobee not only regulates the temperature in your home but also monitors your energy usage using eco+. Eco+ comes automatically enabled to unlock additional energy savings It works in the background to deliver maximum energy efficiency and comfort with minimal effort. This thermostat will automatically turn down the temperature in your home when nobody is home, and reduces strain on the electrical grid and provides you with incentives from your energy provider. 
The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium has Alexa built-in and can be enabled with Siri. With this voice feature, you can ask the Ecobee what the weather is like, and what temperature each room is, as well as make intercom-style announcements to a HomePod mini or Alexa device in another room. You can control your home's security system through this technology as well, with Ecobee smart security. It can also play music or your favorite podcast by connecting to your Spotify or Amazon Music account. 
Not only can you interact with your thermostat, it interacts with you. It will give you any alerts if you are in need of service or maintenance, changes in carbon monoxide levels and reports on indoor air quality levels as well as energy usage. 
Other additional features include Smart recovery, which means the thermostat will learn your schedule to maximize your comfort. For example, if you wake up at 6 a.m., it learns how long it takes to reach your desired temperature, and prepares itself to bring you a comfortable temperature right as you wake up. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium also supports two-stage heating and cooling, regulates indoor humidity, and can also dehumidify if you do not have a dehumidifier. 
Smart features and easy scheduling help you save up to 26%* annually on heating and cooling. Plus, you’ll get monthly energy reports that show you how much you’ve saved and how to save even more.

Trane ComfortLink II XL850

Trane Comfortlink XL850 Thermostat

Moving on, we have the Trane ComfortLink II XL850 thermostat. Designed with precision and performance in mind, this thermostat offers advanced climate control features to keep your home comfortable year-round.
With its intuitive touchscreen display, you can easily customize your settings and access detailed energy reports to track your usage. The home display features indoor air quality and humidity levels and weather updates, as well as allergy and quick clean cycle options. The Trane Comfortlink XL850 can be programmed for a seven-day schedule with up to four different schedules a day. 
The Trane ComfortLink II XL850 also boasts compatibility with various smart home platforms, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into your existing devices. With the XL850’s integrated Nexia smart home bridge, you have the freedom to remotely monitor and control a wide range of smart home devices. From adjusting your home's lighting and locking your doors to even controlling your garage door, you can do it all from anywhere using the Nexia app or by simply using your voice through an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. If you value both style and functionality, this thermostat is worth considering.
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Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat

Honeywell T6 ThermostatLastly, we have the Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat. Known for its reliability and simplicity, the Honeywell T6 offers precise temperature control and energy-saving features. With its easy-to-use touchscreen interface, you can effortlessly adjust the temperature and schedule settings to suit your needs.
The Honeywell T6 also comes with geofencing capabilities compatible with smart devices, which automatically adjusts the temperature based on your location, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. When your T6 Pro Smart Thermostat is connected to your WiFi network, it seamlessly integrates with popular smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo. This allows you to effortlessly adjust your home's temperature with the same ease as changing songs on your favorite playlist. If you're looking for a straightforward and dependable thermostat, the Honeywell t6 is a great option!
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In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right thermostat for your HVAC system, it's essential to consider factors such as design, functionality, energy efficiency, and compatibility with your smart home setup. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, Trane ComfortLink II XL850, and the Honeywell T6 are all excellent options that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize advanced smart features, energy savings, or simple usability, there is a thermostat on this list that will meet your requirements. Happy thermostat shopping!
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