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Jun 22, 2021 1:57:48 PM by Lauren Mangano

Why A Trane HVAC System is Perfect For Your Home

Whether you're looking to replace or upgrade your current HVAC system, or you have no heating/cooling system in place, you can depend on a Trane system to do the job for you.

Benefits of a Trane System

Trane was deemed America’s most trusted HVAC brand in 2021 by Lifestory Research -- for the eighth year in a row! The ranking was based on the amount of trust and confidence among customers, with Trane receiving a Trust rating of five out of five stars. So, don't just take Trane's word our ours -- listen to the customers that were actively shopping for their own HVAC system.
Heating and cooling products from Trane are made with perfected technology and are built to last. But why exactly should you invest in a Trane air conditioner, thermostat, furnace, or other unit? Well, you can count on their reliability, energy efficiency, money saving technologies, quiet operation, and their supply of versatile products to provide you with top-tier systems and long-lasting comfort.


For more than 120 years Trane has led the industry with a legacy of delivering outstanding comfort, reliability, efficiency, and renowned durability. In fact, Trane scored a 5/5 -- Top Tier or Excellent -- in Predicted Reliability and Owner Satisfaction for both Gas Furnaces and Heat Pumps in the 2022 Consumer Reports List. And not only does Trane design and build their own parts, but they then relentlessly test, improve, and set even higher industry standards.
Trane puts their products through “16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions.” They’ve gone as far as encasing units in solid ice to ensure they keep running properly. Some units endure over 2,600 hours of testing. Talk about durability!
Trane durability testing
Their culture of innovation assures you that the day you choose a Trane system is the day your family will have the best residential HVAC system.


Trane's product development and improvement engineers are always looking for innovative ways to reduce the sound level of their outdoor condensers as well.
Every Trane unit is continuously tested and improved to run as quietly as possible by using the industry's only Hemi Anechoic acoustic sound chamber.
Trane hemi anechoic acoustic sound chamber
When space is limited or in cities with strict noise standards, having an air conditioner that won’t wake you, or the neighbors, is important. In air conditioners, moving parts like fans and motors as well as cabinet insulation can reduce noise levels.
Many units are rated with a Nominal Sound Level – the average sound level in decibels. The higher the number, the louder the unit. For example, the sound level of a typical conversation is 60 dB, and a jet engine is 120 dB. Trane's quietest heating and cooling system comes in at about 43.

Energy efficiency / money savings

Air conditioners, like any other home appliance, consume energy to work; some just happen to use less energy than others to get the same results. The SEER rating measures the energy efficiency of an air conditioner, allowing you to easily compare one's efficiency to another's.
SEER ratings usually range from 13-22, with a higher rating equating to a better efficiency. Greater energy efficiency can then translate into lower monthly energy costs. Units with a SEER of 16 or higher are considered highly efficient. Trane's XV20i air conditioner is one of the industry's most efficient systems, with SEER ratings of up to 22.
Trane also provides products at a great value. Their products deemed "best value" deliver a high efficiency rating and include many industry leading innovations, but are more affordable than the most advanced units. In other words, quality products that won’t break your budget.

Variety of products

Finally, Trane offers many different systems to create the best possible solution for any home. Whether you need an air conditioner for cooling, a furnace for heating, or a ductless system or heat pump for both, Trane has the right product for you. 
There's also a variety of thermostats, both traditional and smart, plus indoor air quality products to keep your home clean, and coils to help absorb or expel heat.

ECI Comfort specializes in installing ductless systems from Trane/Mitsubishi.
If you live in the Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia area and would like to find comfort within your home, visit our website or give us a call at 215 - 245 - 3200 to learn more.


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