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Oct 17, 2017 8:10:10 PM by Sabrina Landry

Employee Spotlight: Everyone, Meet Jeremy!

Last week I introduced you to Chuck, who, as you all found out, is a great guy that we all love. The story I want to tell you today started over 17 years ago with a young man who started working for ECI at the ripe age of 20. In his own words, he described himself as “immature…” and someone who “…knew nothing about the field.” This week I want you all to meet, Jeremy.

               Jeremy didn’t start out in the HVAC business. In fact, he was in school to become an automotive technician for three years. During that time, Jeremy was already showing off his ability and willingness to work hard as he was a mechanic by day, and a bar-back/ line cook by night. He was a close friend of Chase Musser growing up, and you could probably say that’s where he got his idea to shift careers.

               “Growing up, he was always there to help,” is what Chase remembers most about Jeremy. “Anything—building things, fixing things; dirt bikes, ramps, he did it all. He’s still that way now, as an adult.”

               When I asked Jeremy about working in HVAC and switching his focus after he’d gone to school for automotive, his answer was exactly what you would expect from a guy with a reputation for dependability and honesty. “This trade is not something you learn from school, or even a year in the field. It takes experience and a lot of mistakes.” And Jeremy will be the first to admit that he has made his share. He gives credit to all of those who have helped him over the years. Of course, I had to pry and ask who it was that has taught him the most, and although I expected a joke or two about how he didn’t need help, Jeremy surprised me with his heartfelt response. “In life? My father. In the HVAC world? Bill Eberhardt, he and I have been through a lot over the last 17 years.”

               So what does Jeremy think he’s learned the most about working at ECI? It isn’t condensers, though he knows a great deal.

               “What I’ve learned most is that success is all about respect. Respect the customer, the boss, your co-workers; without them I wouldn’t have a job.” While the lessons about respect, are a valuable part of how he looks at life at ECI, Jeremy credits the success of himself and ECI as a whole, to teamwork.

“I’ve learned you need to know when to ask for help and to always be there for anyone who needs help. I never would have made it this field if I didn’t get the help that I needed!”

A fan of anything with a motor, (no pun intended) while Jeremy would rather be spending his days on the beach with family, or sharing a beer with his wife, Diane, we are honored that he has made ECI a part of his daily life, and that he has dedicated so much time and effort into his work, and that we can call him family. Tune in next Wednesday for another spotlight of one of our incredible team members.

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