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Feb 15, 2023 2:39:38 PM by Quinn Kremp

Benefits of Energy Kinetics' Sealix Coated Plate Heat Exchangers

The first Energy Kinetics boiler, System 2000, was designed in 1979 by John Marran in response to the need for more energy-efficient and reliable heating systems. Throughout the last 40+ years, Energy Kinetics has become the nation's leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, innovative heating and hot water systems. One component that makes their heating systems so advanced is the Sealix® coated plate heat exchanger. This corrosion-resistant technology keeps your heat exchanger and boiler running effectively, therefore increasing the lifespan of the unit. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Sealix.


What is a Plate Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a component in an HVAC system that transfers thermal energy from one medium to another. Plate heat exchangers are constructed from a series of thin metal plates. Usually made from stainless steel, each plate contains an intricate pressed pattern. To ensure the unit is watertight, rubber gaskets are ‘sandwiched’ between all the metal plates, which are then compressed together in a rigid frame to form an arrangement of parallel flow channels with alternating hot and cold fluids.

Plate Heat Exchangers are more energy efficient

This design delivers very high heat transfer efficiency because the plates create a surface area that’s much larger than shell-and-tube designs that would fit in the same space. For this reason, plate heat exchangers are up to five times more efficient than shell-and-tube.
Plate heat exchangers are also easier to clean and inspect. You can easily remove plates for service or repair, whereas shell-and-tube models are harder to access internally. Without maintenance, product buildup or scale coating on surfaces reduces the heat exchanger’s thermal efficiency

Benefits of Sealix Plate Heat Exchangers

Sealix Plate Heat Exchanger - Exceptional Performance in Hard Water  ApplicationsOther old-fashioned coil-in-tank systems are inefficient because the tank heats slowly all over, even when you only need a small amount of heat and hot water. On top of that, the temperature of the boiler can rise above the tank's temperature causing an automatic loss of heat energy every time the boiler heat has nowhere to go. This also translates into money lost from your bank account.
On the other hand, Energy Kinetics Sealix coated plate exchangers draw cold water from the bottom of the tank and feed hot water from the top down. This creates efficiency throughout the entire hot water cycle. The tank finishes hot while the boiler finishes cold so no energy is wasted.
Not only do Energy Kinetics systems use efficient plate heat exchangers, but Sealix technology provides even more benefits. Sealix plate heat exchangers are made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and bonded with corrosion-proof non-stick Silicon Dioxide for remarkable performance in preventing lime and mineral build-up in hard water applications. Sealix decreases the tendency for fouling and scaling on your heat exchanger as well. The Sealix coating also works in pool systems, even with salt or chlorine!
Sealix is so robust that it is used in nuclear and medical facilities. The Sealix plate heat exchangers are available in Ascent Combi boilers, Accel CS boilers, Resolute boilers, and EK1 and EK2 System 2000 Frontier boilers with the #14 and #18 heat exchanger models.
Sealix coated plate heat exchangers are just another reason why Energy Kinetics heating and hot water systems are top-of-the-line.
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