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Mar 17, 2023 12:39:44 PM by Logan Donahue

Mitsubishi Electric Trane Introduces New Technology: intelli-HEAT™

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) recently introduced a brand-new heat pump called intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System. This state-of-the-art heat pump delivers cost-effective, eco-efficient, year-round cooling and heating. Plus, Its variable speed technology and "smart" controls have proven to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil fuel usage. Continue reading to learn more about the intelli-HEAT's features and benefits.
Compatibility with single and multi-zone homes, lower utility bills, a quieter outdoor environment, and complete comfort in your home in frigid temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit are just a couple of benefits this futuristic system can offer homeowners.

intelli-HEAT pump added to a furnace

Technology That Provides Year-Round Comfort

intelli-HEAT is prepared to maximize comfort in your home year-round. In the summer, the heat pump's all-electric inverter-driven compressor provides superior cooling and significant energy savings. During the winter, your intelli-HEAT system will match the heat load of your home up to 98 percent of the time during colder months, even in extremely colder climates. This system also reduces direct and indirect carbon emissions significantly. 

A furnace is built into this system to provide heat when temperatures are extremely low and heat loads are high and demanding. This heat pump was built to be compatible with all gas furnaces. During periods of extreme cold, intelli-HEAT switches over to the gas furnace if necessary based on its threshold and economic balance points. This management is designed to result in lower gas usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This dynamic duo provides reliable comfort and lower energy bills for households. 


Comfort Control Function

A significant feature of the intelli-HEAT heat pump is the Comfort Control Function. This feature learns and adjusts the ambient temperature, ensuring the room temperature will not drop below 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit from the setpoint for longer than 24 minutes. Homeowners also can customize their switchover settings between their furnace and heat pump. This allows for the most economical performance and/or the highest GHG reduction impact. This control box is compatible with all Mitsubishi Electric controllers. 

High density heat exchanger 

intelli-HEAT is built to last. Its high density heat exchanger was designed with groove piping to create a more turbulent flow and to minimize use of refrigerant. Its oxygen-free copper coils provide up to six times the longevity of standard copper coils and their grooved design provides higher heat transfer efficiency. Its high-quality drain pan material delivers a high heat tolerance with low moisture absorption. A coating on the outdoor heat exchanger called Blue Fin also protects the aluminum fins from corrosion caused by salt in the air, especially in coastal areas. 

Graph showing quietest to nosey items compared to intelliHEAT and a conventional ac system.Easy Installation

The installation is easy for homes searching for a versatile option. The intelli-HEAT system can be installed horizontally or vertically, featuring flow configurations in all directions with the ability to adapt to any position. Its compact design is available in a variety of capacities to suit any requirements, and may be especially useful for Philadelphia homes with limited outdoor space. It is quieter than a typical conversation sitting at 44 decibels. 


These single-zone outdoor units are smaller, quieter, and more efficient than conventional systems and designed for long-term durability and performance in all weather conditions. These systems are available from 1.5 to 3.5 tons in heat pumps and Hyper-Heat heat pumps. Learn More About Hyper-Heat


intelli-HEAT is built smaller, quieter, and more efficient than any other conventional system and designed for long-term durability and performance even under extreme weather conditions. This system can connect up to six units and features true zoning. These multi-zone systems are available from 2 tons to 5 tons and are compatible with cased coils from 1.5 tons to 3 tons. 

Homeowners installing intelli-HEAT may qualify for utility rebates. You can find more information about these tax credits and rebates on our page about the IRA.
Learn More About the IRA
What kind of systems can hook up to intelliheat
intelli-HEAT™ is the most economically efficient, environmentally-sound HVAC technology to date. This renewable energy-ready heat pump significantly allows homeowners to transition to clean, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel usage. Homeowners installing intelli-HEAT may  also qualify for utility rebates, allowing for even more money savings. 

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