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Jan 23, 2023 2:29:23 PM by Logan Donahue

Trane's Quietest, Yet Mightiest Heat Pump Yet: XV19 Variable-Speed Low-Profile Heat Pump

Trane's XV19 Variable-Speed Low-Profile Heat Pump is one of their most quiet and efficient products yet. It was designed to meet the low-level sound requirements some cities have established for mechanical HVAC systems and at full capacity, this system is close to the conversation levels heard in libraries. Trane’s Variable Speed Low-Profile Heat Pump is great for heating and cooling both residential and commercial spaces. The heat pump is carefully designed to fit in tighter and more limited spaces such as zero lot line homes, rowhomes, condos, or underneath decks.

Trane XV19 Variable Speed Low Profile Heat Pump underneath deck outside of a home. Homeowner says that it is quieter than their swimming pool heater.

Features and Benefits of Trane's XV19 Heat Pump

Variable-speed, higher efficiency

A heat pump’s number of stages or speeds determines how efficiently it manages the temperature, humidity, and comfort of your home. Trane’s TruComfort™ variable-speed systems can run at 500–750 different speeds to meet your heating and cooling demands. While a standard one or two-stage unit turns off each time it reaches the desired temperature and then back on when more hot or cold air is needed, the variable-speed unit will consistently run at a lower speed to maintain a steady temperature.What is a Variable-Speed Heat Pump?
With up to 49 percent annual savings on energy bills, this unit is one of Trane's most efficient heat pumps. It can reach a SEER2 rating of up to 19 and an HSPF2 rating of up to nine. This model also qualifies for eco-friendly rebates and federal tax rebates. 

How quiet is the Trane XV19? 

Trane's XV19 variable-speed low-profile heat pump operates between the levels of 43 and 57 dBA, while traditional heat pumps operate with sound levels between 72 and 76 dBA. 

Low-profile, side-discharge 

Trane's side-discharge heat pump is perfect for higher-density areas with less installation space. The compact design paired with the quiet operation make them extremely desirable for Philadelphia rowhomes where outdoor space is often limited. Plus, they can be mounted on outdoor walls in city homes where ground space isn't available.

Extreme comfort

The XV19 works to keep the temperature in your home within a ½ degree of the thermostat set point. This process keeps the temperature even throughout the home, eliminating hot or cold spots and uncomfortable rooms.
This short YouTube video below shows the exciting new features included in this heat pump.
This system is also adaptable to other Trane products such as their indoor air quality/air purification products that are asthma and allergy certified! Designed to deliver maximum comfort and efficiency with a minimal physical and aural footprint, the Trane XV19 is an excellent central heating and air conditioning option for residential installation.

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